My SOTA Street Fighter Haul

I picked up my Round 3 set from today!!!

The quality of each round has improved greatly, IMHO the best SF toy series all time.

Pic time:

Hot damn, that’s nice. I’m waiting for my local stores to pick up Series 3 before I get them. I’m really jealous =(.

PS. Can anyone find me a series 1 white gi ryu? I know they’re rare, but it’s worth a shot =/

You’ll have to try your luck on ebay I’m afraid. I see gray Ryu go for as much as $30.00 and white Ryu as much as $60.00!

On a more personal note, my SOTA Series 3 and RE4 Series 1 arrived early this morning. :clap:

10 figures at once, I’m such a loser. :lol:

Anyway, gonna go hang my new SFs up on the wall next to my others, I’m one of those people who doesn’t open them up. Pics coming soon of my set up.

Cosigned. I have space ready to hang series 3 when my cornerstorecomics package finally arrives. I need to get a damn digicam so I can take pics.

btw, how are the RE4 figs? Corner Store didn’t have final pics of anyone but Ada IIRC and I’d like to get this line also. Did you get jacket Leon?

Man, good luck getting one.

I paid like 25$ for my white Ryu on eBay a year ago.

I have the 1st two series plus the comicon exclusives…but I can’t seem to locate this series in the MI area.

Looks like I will have to go Ebay.

I’m prowling the mean streets of ebay every day now just to check for that white ryu. I just got into the SF action figures so I missed out on series 1 altogether. White Ryu seems to be the only really rare one of the set, so I’m going for broke on him.

ROBOTRON2084: Series 3 shipped late last week, early this week. You SHOULD see them in your local comic store on thursday (I assume thursday cuz new comic day in Wednesday and they’ll have everything unpacked come Thursday). Just wait a bit and you should be able to get your hands on them.

These guys have a White Ryu in stock, but they are asking way too much for it IMO…

LOL 59.99? That’s just stupid. I’m down with the pink camopants guile though hahaa. So awesome.

Yeah the RE4 figures are nice, not as good as say Palisades last 2 series, but definately worth the wait and money. I got the whole set plus Leon with the jacket, so 5 in total.

I hung my Series 3 up, damn do they llok good. I got them going along the top wall between the ceiling and closet.

Goes Series 1
Evil Ryu single pack
Evil Ryu/Psycho Bison 2 pack
Series 2
Series 3

Gonna have to adjust the start point before Series 4 comes out, I have about 2 feet left before I hit the back wall of my room.

Great job on the SF and RE hauls. As for Ryu, didn’t SOTA mention they were going to re-do Ryu sometime in the future? I’d hold out dropping $30+ online until I at least see what going on with that. I know it’s hard to wait, but the faithful shall be rewarded. That how we ended up with UDON and SOTA!

If I’m not mistaken, I think the Evil Ryu single figure was the reissue, but I could be wrong.


This one is still fairly low considering some people are asking $30.00 and up for the Evil Ryu repaint.

Snipe that bitch!

Yeah I heard that too.
Also for Sagat and maybe even a thin version of Bison in the future Sota said. :tup:

Arrr. Still they are set on that. At the current rate, the complete set wouldn’t be done until around 2010, and they want to slow it up with rehash. I’m all for the Darkstalkers and the alternate SF figures, but I wish they’d put those energies into finishing SF’s line first.

I know what you mean, but in the end I think it will help the toyline’s run.

My local comic store got them in tonight. I’m gonna go pick them up tomorrow. Yaya!.

I do agree with you despite all the bitching I do in this forum, it’s just that when series 4 makes it out next year they will have a little over a third of the complete game roster(between SF2-3 and Alpha). This is further than I had hoped and I imagine SOTA may actually have aspirations of finishing it. I just don’t want to get my hopes up for a true whole line which becomes another abandoned effort in the end.

I know what you mean.

Well now Sota is saying it might only do 7 or 8 rounds because too many unpopular fighters would only come after rounds 7, 8,

…7 or 8 rounds will not get us the full set of SF fighters. :frowning:

They have to at least finish ST and Alpha though. Hopefully we’ll get a few 3S in along the way, here’s hoping for a Makoto and Urien before the end.

This is what I was worried about when the first 2 series were entirely SF2 save Sodom. If they’d made a little more effort striking a balance between A and B-list fighters from the get go they wouldn’t have used up all the “popular” fighters by series 4.

Oh, well…at least now I don’t have to hold my breath. :wasted: