My soul calibur 5 madcatz stick wont work with my pc. HAAALP

Howdy friends! long time visitor, first time poster here.

im having some serious trouble with my ps3 soul cal 5 stick “soul edition”. the drivers were successfully installed to my pc and the controller is recognized, but it doesnt actually turn on or function in any way. now i understand that a lot of the older ps3 sticks dont go too well with nVid chips but my pc is intel (if that means anything…im not sure), AND this stick is relatively new on the market. even though the ps3 sticks dont “officially support pc”, all ive read so far is that the newer sticks dont have a problem with it. can anyone give me advice on how to get this stick to work?
i am running on an ASUS CG series, so im gong to go ahead and guess the usb’s arent old. help is appreciated!

Hi, I had a similar thing with my SFxT fightstick pro, to fix it I had to make sure it was plugged in before running the game, and then go into my controller settings in control panel to configure it to work correctly, not sure if the fix will work but thats what I did

Try plugging it into a USB3 slot.

how did you configure your controller? my sticks device status says “this device is working properly”. quit the game. plugged in the controller, rebooted the game and nothing happened. thanks though.

curious situation. I have 2 completely unused (and largely unseen) red usb ports in the back of my motherboard. one of them allows the controller to work flawlessly, while the other red one and the 3 standard black ones in front dont power on the controller. any insight as to why this is happening? im a bit worried that the one usb port working is a weird fluke of some kind…

at any rate, 1000 thank you’s for your advice. i woudlnt have thought to look in the back of the tower for more usb’s had it not been for your advice.

Sad to say, but that seems to be a running theme with ASUS motherboards. I have a CrossHaiR IV that I use for gaming and Sim Racing. Every once in a while, I have to unplug the keyboard, because it’s not recognized at boot up. I was also having issues with my wheel not initializing properly. For the most part, getting a powered USB hub resolved some of the issues, but there are still two ports at the back of the machine that I cannot use.