My spiderman sig collection


yeah i know, i am a big newb at gfx, but please gimme any feedback on these i just made…


not bad…just add some border


damn killer_jin…thats a nice av you have there…did you make that yourself?


Take a look at his sig.

@ Dre2k4x: Meh, they’re all just ok. Take out the grid on the Venom tag.


Your style is somewhat weird,i mean the crossing lines they just bother my eyes,try different shit.


lol i dont even really got a style yet since im a newb, but jopefully i will get one :smiley:


Oh ok…well,keep the practice alive i’m sure you’ll be the next seth or mokoto.

Eats his peanuts cautiously:lol:


those are cool can you make me one?



you remind me of my earlier work


Iv’e always loved that scarlet sig of yours demon,nice work.


yes i made tat one myself

Dre2k4X -keep practicing with something new


k guys thanx for all the feedback and suggestions…ill keep practicing with the filters and layering, then ill start practicing sum more with brushing…and hopefully some time i can get a 3d rendering program:)


aww i made a requests your not takign any?


sure ill make u one, but tell me which character you want


dude if u ever talk shit about me again…ill kill u:D



If you did not notice i just gave you a compliment,and you should be happy not sissy.If that’s talking shit about you, then you ain’t human kid.

And hey i ain’t arguing with you (you do know that right?)


:smiley: thanks man i was just making sure…i love ur work too its great really it is…let’s stop all the madness…im not arguing either btw:lol:


Hey no problem,we must look like two clowns my now…i blame myself…:frowning: …i’m sorry for the way i acted and yes i was just playing,a great tagger that is blind could see a peice of good work easily.