My SSF4 AE DJ Impressions



I spent a while playing DJ at CTF this weekend. Got a few wins vs some well-known players. Some things I took away from my session.

It feels like everything combos now. Some of the more useful new ones I noticed: Max range -> lk sobat. I think even combos into it but I’ll have to check next time I go to be sure. It makes it much easier to score a knockdown during footsies. Also I still get away with using lk sobat to go over low attacks. Its probably not as effective but all my fights against Evil Ryu I didn’t have much trouble shutting down his great with it.

Standing MK: I didn’t find much use for thie new combo because the spacing is strict. Many times I’d go for it and be to far and get the last hit of it or be too close and combo into close The times where I did land it didn’t feel like they were worth it unless you have the meter to EX Focus Cancel into another combo because ex.mgu upper into whatever gives you more damage plus a kockdown.

Pokes: His slide is 3x better. It goes a shorter distance and feels much safer on block. His s.rh still recovers too slow to poke with. DJ’s not known for his great pokes but the new>lk rolling sobat helps compensate.

EX Rolling Sobat: It feels like the projectile invincibility were improved on this. If you use this too go through fireballs in Super then you’re probably familiar with reacting too early and getting hit. I didn’t have that issue anymore. Maybe I just got lucky but it feels like I can really just let it go without having to wait for the projectile to get close to me.

Dash U2: What most people where excited about. I still can’t do it. I can do every other charge characters ultras in the game with a dash with no problem but still no dice on DJ’s. Don’t let my failure discourage you though. If Akimo can do it anyone can. He’s only human.

Disclaimer: No I didn’t post every new combo because honestly there feel like there are too many new variations to type out. Also there’s alot of adding and editing to do. I only played somwhere between 8-12 games with him. Competition is fierce at CTF right now. (I love it)

If you’ve played with DJ in AE feel free to add to the discussion or call bullshit on what I posted.


There is already a thread to discuss deejay’s AE changes.

I’ll be @ CTF this weekend. Hope to see you there.


Akimo could do dash ultra in super, and I couldn’t. Not during a match. and only twice out of like 200 tries in training.

I could do it in Arcade Edition.

and Akimo isn’t regular human. He’s a grandmaster arcade Honda/ Grandmaster Deejay user.


Nice to read some gameplay notes!

To be honest, I’m glad that the dash U2 is still hard to do. With the expected influx of people expected to pick up DeeJay, it’s nice that there is still a “holy grail” combo that only the people that put the hours into can pull off.

I tried it 50 times in training the other night. I successfully did the Ex.MGU > Dash > U2 5 times, but the dash never landed close enough for the U2 to connect :frowning:


I’m mad i stopped playing for a couple of weeks thinking yeah my deejay is finally where i want it to be. Now i’m in a slump i can’t get out of. been losing to players i shouldn’t. and going on more than a 3 game losing streak.

I had dash ultra down to about 90% online. Now i’ve descended to below average with deejay.


Lucky you…

I came back after a 5 months pause.

Imagine the Hell…


Lol Freejay. I played you on XBL in a mirror match. Was fun. But I can finally do the EX MGU -> Dash -> Ultra 2 online now nearly 100% of the time! But yeah, definitely need to consistently practice that Dash U2 or you lose it…lol. Work is making me lose my DJ touch =(


Some updates:

S.LK does combo into LK Rolling Sobat as well.

Friend of mine has been playing DJ as well and I saw him AA-ing Aquasilk with S.RH. I keep forgetting to try it out for myself. If he can AA Zangief’s great jump-ins with it then its a good sign.

Dash U2 is easier. I got it out a few times, but never landed it. Friend from above got it out consistently. Still need more practice.

MK Upkicks are a reliable AA now. I should try HK too.

Wanted to post some things earlier but no reason to waste a post for 1 update.


can you use the confirmed deejay ae changes.

i hate going between this post and that post. you can also see what other people contributed.

everything you’ve said has been posted. i still don’t like st. RH as an AA.

As for HK upkicks, i doubt it would work.