My SSFIV Boxart


As the many others who disliked Capcom’s decision on their SSFIV cover, I wanted to see if I could do better. This is what I came up with.

Update #2: April 1st 2010 2:41pm

I am currently working on the back cover as well. The theme of this design straws reference from the trailer between Ryu and Ken. Ooo exciting. :lame:




It looks pretty cool. Ryus hair needs a little more trimming, I can see the white glow from his bg. Its also just weird that Juri’s foot fades away. Is everyone supposed to be contained in that blue glow?


thanks man, I’ll update it a bit.



could be cool if we did something like what they did for SFIV with the ads.
i remember the shen long one…NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!

like make your own boxart for SSFIV! just a thought…