MY STICK BROKE, any advice?

Hi guys. First time poster.

I have the Street Fighter 4 tournament edition stick. I was practicing on Street Fighter X Tekken just now (trying to get my EWGF down) and then suddenly my stick stops working. The buttons all work fine, but the control stick doesn’t work in any direction. Does anyone have any advice for me on how to possibly fix this stick or perhaps replace the pieces? (Is that even possible?)

I’m a noob in everyway, the game, modding sticks etc etc.

Any help would be really appreciated! Thanks guys.

It’s going to be tough if you’ve never touched/seen/disassembled your stick before. This is one of those situations where if you had, the problem might be easy to solve. May be something as simple as a disconnected harness, but unless you’re willing to dive in there and look, you won’t be able to know.

I look at it this way: The stick is useless to you now, so treat it as a dead stick. That way you won’t feel scared about opening it up and looking around. If you accept that it’s broken and look at it like you have “nothing left to lose” you can open it up, take pictures, post them here and get some expert opinions. Chances are even if something magical happens and your stick works the next time you plug it in for no reason, this will happen again down the road.

Long story short: OPEN IT UP! =)

After that, use your eyes, see if anything’s obviously disconnected etc. Then, use your nose… I mean literally, use your nose… smell for any “burning plastic” kind of smell, may be faint. I’m just guessing you don’t have a mutlimeter lying around so that’s going to be about the extent of what you can test, but it will provide a very important experience of physically getting inside your first stick.

Could be that the wiring harness has come loose and just needs reconnecting. Also check you haven’t accidently switched the stick mode to LS or RS.

i concur with with the opinion above. open it up by unscrewing the top screws. held in by hex bolts and then check to see the cable plugging into the joystick is connected. after that it could be PCB issues.

Top screw is a 3mm Allen key/ hex

While I’ll echo 2 things (wiring harness is loose, and PICS to get answers) another thing I’ll add…

It is set to DP and not LS / RS?

The above^^ Please check that it is set to DP not LS / RS. I was modding my TE stick and when I finished I freaked out when the joystick would not work until countless hours I realized it was mere switch I had to change…

I already mentioned the stick setting guys!

Two or three times now I thought the PCB curse had hit me and it was because I’d randomly taken the lock off at some point and then managed to knock the switch.

I rather check the USB cable first before suspecting the PCB.
USB cable breaks are common and easy to fix. Getting a multi meter and looking up the USB pin out and test all 4 wires.

If it is a busted USB cord, its only 4 wires to reattach, In the TE there 5 wires, 2 of them black, the 2nd black wire is thicker.
The thinner black wire is your ground while the 2nd one is your shield ground. You only need the 1st black wire connected as the 2nd is optional.

If you cut open your USB cable you see the 4 wires and one group of loose wire stands/ or wire stands woven into a shielding that becomes that 2nd thicker black wire.

I’m sure what everyone is saying about the Switch set to DP is the problem haha…

OK i have the same problem. but what if i DO smell burning plastic? also i see that the ribbon cable connecting the joystick to the pcb has a burned wire.

If your cable to the stick is burnt you can always replace. But the main thing is finding the cause. Cause it could happen again with the replacement cable. Something on the pcb could be shorted or the stick itself.
Best thing to do is take some pictures and post them up.

Most likely this might have to do with a short in the PCB, or a surge from the USB. I would be weary of plugging it into anything important (i.e. PS3, PC) until you can isolate the issue.

I would also check the computer. I had a bad motherboard melt the cable that brings USB to the front of the case. it melted the insulation off and almost started a fire.

If its set to RS (right stick), ten the joystick will not register while fighting because the DP/LS controls that.