My Stick Broke


Mid-ranked match, mind you!

I am using a Madcatz Marvel vs Capcom 2 stick (with the yellow buttons and knob)

I was playing and mid-match I go to do a quarter circle forward and the top right area just caves in. so now that whole zone is pretty much off limits. I don’t know what could have caused this, but I just bought the stick a little over a month ago!

Any suggestions on fixing/dealing with this? Please, no comments like “that things a piece of shit, buy a x brand stick”. It was expensive and I’d like it to last.

Thanks for any help! Sorry if this isn’t the right forum.


Have you opened it up to see what happened to it?

You’d need yourself a set of hex keys. If I remember correctly you’d need a #3 hex key.
Also what do you mean when it caves in?

The MVC2 stick is a good stick with good parts. Things like this are a random occurrence and can be easily solved with a small investment in a new part.


I’ve never opened a stick before and I was kinda worried I’d break something :stuck_out_tongue: would it be completely safe opening it up and just taking a look? Also, where can I get a hex key? Home Depot?’

What I mean when it caves in is that when I put the joystick in the northeast direction, the stick sinks into the innards of the box. Picture it like this: Pretend there is a plastic square underneath the stick. It’s like the top right screw on the square came loose and so everything is sturdy except the top right area.


ya…kinda sounds like your screws came loose…ya, take off the top panel and check. if you are careful with the top panel there is nothing you can break.


Opening any madcatz TE is actually pretty easy enough. These are hex keys

Something like a set of these will have the right size to open up your TE. Until we see the insides, I’m not entirely sure how to proceed.


If he got the stick a month ago… and he’s never opened a stick before… should he not at least think about maybe just sending that shits back and using the warranty? Could be a simple fix, could be something really dicked up. Could open and fix no prob, or could strip a bunch of screws and break something and then be out of warranty…:confused:


it’s a mvc2 stick, doubt he bought it at a store.


no harm in calling madcatz about it first. If there willing to give you a replacement go for it, it would suck for the first time you open a stick you fuck something up and have to pay for it.


Top plate is user serviceable.

OPEN IT UP, take pics of the inside.

This is Tech Talk.
We’re manly men who use tools to fix things.


Yes, opening the top and taking pictures will not void his warranty.

Sounds like one of the screws just came loose.


Here’s to hoping that it’s just a screw problem. I’m thinking the welds on that side of the mount snapped off or something.


same thing happened to my stick but i’ve had mine way past it’s warranty. sometimes the spot welded areas on the bottom of the panel plate is weak or gets weak after constant use so it might have cracked. if this is the case, you can either…

  1. send it back in for repairs (if under warranty)
  2. reweld the area under the panel
  3. replace the panel with a replacement plexi panel from either Art’s Hobbies Welcome to Art’s Hobbies
  4. or order another metal panel (not the exact same as the stock panel) from blklightning21 (you may be put on a waiting list) and just ask for the regular vewlix layout with turbo/guide area cut and JLF mount holes drilled. Forum link:


If the welds did snap off, you can get a replacement acrylic at, or contact bklightning on this forum.


You’re not a man unless you’ve voided a warranty on you stick. Opening the MadCatz TE from the top doesn’t void the warranty. Opening it then still isn’t proof of manliness.


On a more serious note. The TE uses metric hex keys not imperial, learned that the hard way.



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I notice many Madcatz sticks have weld issues or joystick mount problems.

I’ve seen welds not attached

joystick mounts not straight

screw holes with messed up treads

And these are TE

Too bad these problems exist since a premium price is paid for these things.

You should get a hex tool to open it because you’re going to eventually. Take i peek and if it’s a mount issue send it back.