My stick is dying

I have a SC2 Hori stick. It’s kind of hard to describe my problem. Part of my stick’s wire is disappearing, almost like it’s being chewed away or something. The wires on the inside of it are now showing clearly, and there are these little gold things inside the wire that are kinda scrunched up and stuff. Here’s a little drawing to show what I mean.


That’s my stick, and the X is where the wire is chewed off.
The stick is still working okay, but I’m thinking its just a matter of time until the wires get snipped by something and my stick is dead. How do I fix my problem?

I asked one dude who worked with sticks and he said I should use a glue gun. Is that really the best way to do this?

electrical tape that shit

You want to cover the opening with something that won’t affect the wires so electrical tape or glue gun.

Bury it 6 feet into the ground, and do a funeral service.

Preferably in my backyard so I can dig it up when you’re not looking =)

Kiss it goodbye.

seriously, why don’t you just replace the wire? Duh!

Get a PS1 pad and replace the wire and pcb with it. That’s what I did. Check out all of the “how to mod” threads to understand how to do it. You’re going to need to learn how to solder however.