My stick is having issues with sticking in directions


Sorry in advance in case this was covered earlier, but when I searched I only picked up on washer problems and I’m sure it’s not that.

The stick doesn’t hold in any directions from like a messed up washer or anything so it’s not the stick itself holding the direction, but my character will still be walking forward/backwards/crouching even when the stick is in neutral. It’s not to long that my guy is doing it (like 1/3 a second extra), but it’s enough to throw me off and make vertical jumps turn into backward/forward jumps. Would cleaning out my microswitches solve the problem, and if so what’s the best way of going about doing that (with a solvent like lighter fluid after I open it up?)? It’s a Sanwa stick just in case that helps.



How old is the stick? It could just be that the microswitches on the JLF PCB are going out. You can replace that part for around $10.


It’s only around a couple of months old. It’s a Madcatz TE stick so age couldn’t be the problem could it?


Is this happening only in online and not in arcade mode?

It is possible that you are feeling lag on a poor connection online.

I played a few games today where everything I did came out 1/2 second later.


Nah. It’s not an online issue. I started noticing the directions being held on screen longer then I was doing on the stick so I went to training to feel everything out, and it’s just wonky. It’s definitely a hardware issue. Can it be something that just needs to be played out? As in with enough play time wearing out the sticks they’ll just start working like they used to, or is it something that can’t be reversed?


I just started playing just now and it’s working just fine. I’ve noticed the weather is much cooler right now so could it be that heat and humidity cause the microswitches to get sloppy/stupid? Anyone experience heat and humidity doing the same to their sticks?


I’ve survived Orlando, FL and summer in Beijing with no noticeable change in performance. I doubt that’s it.


move the switch from LS to DP