My Stick is Malfunctioning...what to do before Evo?

So a couple of the buttons on my stick are messing up. I think I’m going to have to use a 360 pad or a PS2 pad. How do I go about doing this? I’d prefer to use the 360 controller over the PS2 one though. Do I have to use a wired 360 controller or can I use the wireless one with the morphing d-pad?

…Evo’s on PS3. 360 -> PS3 converters suck. Just use a PS2 pad with a converter or buy a new stick.

I’d rather not buy a new stick. What does Fanatiq use?

EDIT: What is a good converter for the PS2 pad?

He uses a pad designed for Xbox360 or PS3. PDP Afterglows.

Good converter would be the etokki PS2->PS3 converters that are so popular.

If u use stick and your pool don’t start on early Friday, just go see some of the stick modder (there’s a couple every year) or even go into the Beta Hall (the hall for the vendors) early on Friday to see if you can buy a couple of button and they might put it in for u, (its cheaper then getting a new pad for it)

Are there any people there that mod pads as well?

if a few buttons are messing up, its pretty simple (and cheap) to swap them out if its the buttons themselves.

If gummowned is there I know he does pads… not sure if he would want to do it there cause I dont know if it takes longer then an easy stick mod.

cant hurt to ask though.