My stick is sticking! What's wrong? (Fixed, Thank you Ikagi-chan)


I thought the title was clever, but as of recently, the stick for my arcade stick has been sticking onto the directional inputs longer than I hold the stick there, as if whatever registers the stick movement is being momentarly stuck. I dont know much about stick tech, so I want to know if anyone has had a similar problem or if they know whats wrong.


Might have been more clever to let people know which stick it is / how long you had the stick :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it every directional input or just one direction in particular?


Ok, I’m gonna try to be a psychic here.

  • You have a Mad Catz stick of some kind.
  • Your directions are sticking because the LS/DP/RS switch on the turbo panel is set to LS or RS instead of DP.
  • Once you change it back to DP, you will be fine again.

Now watch as it turns out that I’m completely wrong and I’ll have to hang my head in shame. :frowning:



double negatives make for awesome wordplay :slight_smile:
Glad that my first post on Tech Talk was absolutely dreadful :stuck_out_tongue: But thank you a ton Ikagi-chan! My humble apologies for my elementary error, but I appreciate you helping me out!

Good thing is though is I looked up a bunch of videos on how to replace buttons and sticks and now I want to do that. Ill be back when I break my stick for real



Don’t sweat it man. Enjoy your stick and happy modding adventures down the road!


So I have a somewhat similar issue, except the joystick in my MadCatz VS actually sticks in a position. By “sticks,” I mean that the stick physically stays in place, depressing the microswitch and making my character jump/duck/walk/whatever without me touching the stick.

This is the second time this has happened to me. I replaced the microswitch pcb thing last time, but the problem persisted, so I got a whole new JLF. Now, after a mere month of light use, the new JLF has started doing the same thing.

I notice it while/after practicing a combo that includes a down-down move. (It’s one of Labrys’s trap combos in Persona.) It typically goes away after a minute or two, but will occsasionally come back during play. Am I just mashing too hard? Has anyone had a similar issue?


It shouldn’t be a problem in a month old JLF (assuming you don’t store it in a sandbox when its not in use or some shit), but taking a stick apart, cleaning it, re greasing the pivot cup then putting everything back together tends to work wonders.

Additionally, the pivot cup itself may be a little worn (again, kind of unlikely in a month old JLF, but its a part that costs less than a dollar to replace).


possibly the metal washer jumping out of the plastic base. can you feel the stic staying in that spot?


That should not happen on a Sanwa joystick, the older Mad Catz SE with the knock off parts yea its known to happen but not the Sanwa JLF.


Wow, thanks for the responses, guys!

I’ll try cleaning and greasing it, but this is the second time it’s happened to a JLF in this stick in about three months. Plus, I’ve been writing a master’s thesis over the past couple of months, so I’ve barely used the new JLF at all. I’m just now getting back into playing.

Yes, this is exactly what’s happening. The stick actually stays in the down or up position. I can usually tell when it’s about to happen b/c the stick gets super stiff and loses its nice springy-ness. Is there something about the VS that might make it do this? It’s the second JLF this has happened to, after all.

But it is. :frowning: I remember that issue with the old SEs–I used to have one, and I put a JLF in it for just that reason. Again, I have to ask: is it something to do with the VS? I’ve had an MVC2 stick for a year or so with no issues at all, and I had a problem-free TE Round 1 before that.

**If it is the washer jumping off the base as whisky suggests (which it sounds like it might be), then how do I address that in the long term short of just buying another JLF and hoping I don’t fuck that one up, too? **

Thanks again for the help, guys.