My stick quit, can I fix?


Ok a week ago my HK and Triple HK buttons stopped responding on my mad cats te. I checked connections and they started working.

But today my joy stick stopped responding. Do I need a new joy stick? New pcb? New unit?

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Look for disconnected electrical lines inside the faceplate AFTER you check your USB cable to be sure that it’s plugged and secures properly when you use it for gaming.

If all else fails, you’re going to have to get a new PCB. Many options… contact Mad Catz for a replacement PCB which you will have to install yourself unless you pay someone to put it in for you, OR
a) install a PS360… long wait for those now.
b) install an MC Cthulu and get a third party OEM Mad Catz 360 PCB (several vendors carry the right PCB)
c) if you’re not interested in the multi-console options, you’re still in for soldering regardless of the 360 PCB you get…
The one you’ll most likely get is the 360 PCB used for multi-console set-ups.


I have a electronics background. So if soldering will be needed I can do that. Thanks for giving me some options

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