My Stick re-build

So after years of mvc2 on dreamcast it’s time for me to move on and upgrade to mvc3.
First I have a question before I get any dirtier in this build. I have a logitech dual analog pc usb controller. I heard somewhere that it can be used with a ps3. Before I start soldering I would like a lil srk confirmation that this pad works w\ps3. here are a few pics of the project.

my stick,

inside with custom real arcade stick which is way stiffer than the usual sticks.


the new

pain of the game + 2 burns whilst cleaning switches

I am thinking a Toodle’s MC Cthulhu is a better choice that attempting a dual mod of a some dreamcast (I am assuming that is a PDP or Mad catz as Sega PCBs do not use pots for there analog) and Logitech PC PCBs

agreed with Dark… if its just for ps3 a MC Cthulhu or Chimp SMD would do good for you… no brainer… and its all plug and play pretty much unless you get anal like some of the TT bretheren…

Also alot less self injury

not sure what pdp but the cast board i pulled out of an official dreamcast controller. I’m doing away with the cast portion and using the logitech if the logitech is ps3 compatible. The reason why i’d be using the logitech is specifically because I don’t want to spend any more money than I have to.

Long story short, making short cuts do not always equal saving money.
Being frugal about a project does not always goes out that well.
You also want to factor in your injuries into your cost. I rather spend the extra money and avoid getting hurt.

One last question, did you test out that Logitech pad on your PS3 before taking the pad apart?

Put the controller back together enough to check it and plug the logitech into a ps3 and see if it works… That would be my first step. If it doesn’t pick up a cthulu… You would be better off with that anyway!

Edit darkasaul hive mind going on

I guess I hadn’t given as many details as I should have. I don’t own a ps3 yet, I play with the locals on their ps3. And to be honest I’d prefer soldering my own so I can pass the knowledge onto others in the same predicament. I guess no one on srk has tried to use a logitech dual analog with a ps3.

A general rule for me in any creative endeavor is that if I don’t end up bleeding, or otherwise injured, it wasn’t worth doing!

It is not that someone has not tried, it isn’t recommended when there is so many better products to use. The Logitech pad even if it does work on the PS3 will never function like a board designed for the PS3.

Are you a idiot, or is this a joke? Seriously, there is never a good reason to get an injury when a project is involved. Although ran duhm’s injury seems to be minor. Risking cuts and burns also risk infection. A professional will tell you always take the extra measure to avoid injuries or unnecessary damages.

A Real general rule of thumb is avoid injuries at all cost. Always use the proper tools for the job, use the correct materials and parts and ALWAYS, ALWAYS TAKE PROPER SAFETY MEASURES.

a quick alternative suggestion: if you happen to already have (or can get one cheap) a six-axis pad, u can also use toodles’ six-axis adapter to upgrade ur currect stick. this will also allow u to have wireless functionality of the six-axis controller/pcb. good luck with the upgrade. please keep us posted, but hopefully less bloodshed.

ps. props on the MAS. i miss MAS and the happ goodness they offered. its nice to see a change from the flood of sanwa/seimitsu threads. keep it old school mang!

Keep in mind I seen too many horrible accidents that could of been prevented. Not necessarily with stick building, but with my time in the Marine Corps seen one time too many people seriously injured, lost of fingers or limbs, some one who felt it was funny and turn on the laser to a laser guidance system, and burned out the fluids out of someones eye. Someone with a crush foot. And one too many peace time gun shot wounds at the firing range. And these were all peace time injuries in garrison. It isn’t actually alot but it was enough.

hopefully tomorrow i’ll be able to goto a friends and test the pad. I understand yes, there would be some issues because it’s not an official playstation board but I have to go abandonist on the injury thing. It’s like my dad says, "just put a lil dirt on it."
Personally I think taking a course head on towards germs gives you a better immune system. I caught swine flu, haven’t been sick since ^^