My sticks hate SFAC

I have a weird problem. Certain games don’t like my sticks, such as SFAC and Raiden triad, both PS2. But on VF4, the same stick works fine.

In SFAC on Super Turbo (or even the menu) some of my sticks get stuck in the up left position (according to the game) even when I’m leaving the stick alone in neutral.

Also, I took the SFAC PCB out of my SFAC stick and put it into a Green Goblin Agetec, and it was working fine before but now it’s exhibiting problems too.

Anyone know what the deal is, or what I could check? Umbrellastyle says it might be an analogue thing, but my SFAC pcb was working fine when it was in my SFAC stick, so I am assuming something is wrong with my wiring (I didn’t have a schematic, I just wired it how it “looked right” as my first stick wiring ever, haha). It works fine on Xbox so I have no idea why it’s being problematic.

its probably gonna be the wiring or the pcb that is giving you problems. I have no idea how exactly you wired it up, though, maybe if you had more details I could help.