my stuff!

its not much but let me know what you think:wonder:

i’m really diggin it man. i can definitely see a mixture of different styles from different mangaka, like toriyama and araki of db and jojo fame, respectively, and more. if you do wanna take it further, i’ll just say work on tightening up your anatomy. that seems to be the most common problem that everyone’s been shooting to fix up. overally, keep up the good work man.

i like fantasy anatomy, or fantastic anatomy. i am a huge fan of it and will not be giving it up anytime soon. i can ofcourse draw the muscles and body types like anyone els who has taken a figure drawing corse but i dont think realisim has a place in my fantasy world.

thank you very very much for your comments on my work. i love to draw but these days i am so busy i dont know what to do…

no problem. anytime. the important thing is you do what you want and people like your stuff. keep postin. there’re a lot of friendly people here who can help anytime :wink:

very strong Araki influence in your work :slight_smile:
welcome to SRK fanart!

thank you very much, i did forget to say that i think jojo is one of the coolest comics ever in the history of comics hahahaha. i also love hokuto no ken. but please please please, i just gotta tell anyone who sees my art that i am not influenced by akira toriyama at all.

i hate dragon ball z more than any manga on earth and actualy i feel that while the manga has done a lot of wonderful things for artist and manga in amrica, the series has totaly fucked over the quality of manga and their stories in japan.

even toriyama himself hates DBZ.

lmao. sorry. i just thought i saw a little of it in the eyes. toriyama’s dbz eyes are just so recognizable and i see it in a lot of stuff now-a-days… which is unfortunate…

its no problem bro hahaha.

thanks again for your opinions.