My submission for the fan art contest in issue #7


I just sent this in to Udon… Hope it’s not too late. Wish me luck!


So much suspense!! Did Sagat roll-cancel??


Damn you guys had nothing to say!!!
:mad: :bluu: :stuck_out_tongue:


Well I think the colouring and the lines are very well done and I’ve never quite seen a style such as that one before which makes it quite interesting. Critically I’d say the angle of the shot makes it look a little borring though, or plain. Its not that its bad it’s just seeing them both from the side like that doesn’t really bring the moment alive.

If the angle was tilted, with maybe Akuma coming at us as well as Sagat and Sagat just below our central vision with his fist coming up to meet Akuma, that would be pretty spiffy.

Again though - It is pretty damn groovy and ya colouring skills n’ line skills are pretty damn cool honestly. The two flames are great.

Good luck with the competetion.


I think it’s cool! I competed for Issue 6 but my drawing didn’t get printed. I’m Painting my entry for the next contest, but it will be done very late, maybe in time for Issue 9. I’m drawing the SHadowloo Scientist that has appeared in the comics once and another time in the Newtype Story. Well, I like drawing strange/random stuff!


It’s fairly good, but the lack of perspective and the angle really bring it down. Well, the way see it at least. Sagat looks kind of awkward with the apparently lack of perspective. It’s drawn pretty well though.


Frankie, Frankie

1.)I heard about the beef between you and the gamefaqs (fighting game board in paticular) memebers… what do you got to say about them,

2.)I like the pic, but there is one shoryuken memeber, sfmc, if he enters he will own your ass…thats why I dont even bother


The people at Gamefaqs suck. Fighters generation forever! Anyways GameFaqs sucks they actually let super mario rpg beat street fighter 2…


I hope I dont get shit for this, since Im in a SF forum, but I enjoyed playing Mario RPG more than I enjoyed playing SF2.

Mario RPg was a great game. Not saying that SF2 isnt, but I dont think its as good as MRPG. Sorry.



Mario RPG is fun for about 2 days then it’s boring as for Street Fighter 2 i’ve been playing it for 10 years and I still have fun with it all the time. Tell me any RPG that can do that…


Frankie, Frankie

Bloody hell, isn’t there private messaging or e-mail for things like this?


shit looks tight man…i wish i had coloring skills like that:D good luck


Well, I guess this is more of an opinion thing.

I would personally rather replay Mario rpg, FF7, FF3, or Pokemon Red/Blue for an entire day than play SF2 for an entire day.
I think its cool playing SF2 for 30 minutes to remember the old days, but as far as enjoyment, I would get tired of it after a while. I still like it a lot.


Frankie, huge fan, love the site. Thats a pretty nice pic, I bet it will make it in. Only thing is I think Akuma is way too skinny.


THE GAME GEN GUY!!! Never got a chance to communicate with you.

The pic is good, better then anything i could dishout anyway.

Though Akuma looks a little…puny. Sagat as well. But good non the less. A little photoshop maybe? Just a suggestion.


As I said when I e-mailed you to correct that Maxima is holding a bullet in his mouth not a cigar,its SWEET. You should win:D


Thanks for the replies… Yeah, I did more of a 2D angle didn’t I… Heh heh…


Stop sucking Frankie’s cock please. Thank you.


Sucking his cock??? What the fuck??

They told him they like his site and gave him pointers on his drawings. They didnt tell him he should get a job drawing for fucking Capcom or anything.

I dont know why so many of you guys think complimenting people is bad.

I remember someone complimenting the SF comic in front of udoneko and someone else claimed that people were “sucking his dick”. Yea, cuz its impossible for people to BE FANS OF THE FUCKING COMIC!!!

Christ on a stick, some of you guys are just fucking lame.


Yeah man, why the hell would you go to a STREET FIGHTER COMIC FAN FORUM and NOT compliment the comic? How is that kissing ass when your ACTUALLY A FAN IN A FAN FORUM!?!?!?!?!?!?

I gave the GameGen guy my opinion of his drawing. I go to his site often. I do like his site, yes. But i also think he draws good, that is my honest opinion(just go to his ‘about me’ section, some of his drawings are there, thier nice.)