My suggestions on how OE could be improved

Some of this has been said (a lot of times) before, but just wanted to get down a few flaws that have bugged me lately. Some aren’t actual flaws and are just things I’d want in an ideal world.

First the big one, and one that everyone has mentioned: online play isn’t really great. 3s is a game where good online seems like it would be hard to implement. I understand that it probably isn’t doable to get it as good as offline. But I’ve played the same guy on the same connections on GGPO and then OE, and GGPO just worked better. Somewhere along the way in the transition they messed something up. My attitude towards online play is “it is what it is, and you accept those terms when you play online.” I’m not gonna complain about guys using “online tactics” or whatever because that’s just the nature of online play. But the implementation could be a lot better.

Both players shouldn’t have to go through the “Rematch/Save Replay/Exit” screen. SF4 does this better, and it came out first.

Color packs should be handled the way SF4 handles them. There’s now four different color groups, and having to go through beforehand and select one per character is dumb and inconvenient. They also shouldn’t be listed under “DLC,” that doesn’t make much sense especially for the Second Impact colors.

I live in North America and get matched up with Japanese players constantly, especially at night. The connection is always red and they almost never play me. They live in Japan, after all! They’ve got a bunch of guys relatively close to them with all probably green connections, they don’t need to play some red connection guy from Alaska. I’ve also ran into people some France and Denmark. This makes me think that there’s not too much regional filtering going on. Those connections will never be good, wish they wouldn’t show up in ranked. It just wastes everyone’s time when we run into each other, wait 10 seconds to ping each other and then back out.

If you back out of a ranked match once, a lot of times it’ll search and just bring you back to the same guy. Sometimes 4-5 times in a row. I still don’t want to play JohnPwns! There should be some sort of way for the game to remember who you didn’t want to play and respect that decision for a set amount of time.

Now a couple nitpicks:

The Vault and achievements are a waste. I suspect no one really cares about them, and I certainly don’t.

The filters are ugly. Especially on LCDs. They’re not as bad on CRT but you don’t need them on CRT. I could live with just straight up bilinear filtering, but that doesn’t seem to be an option.

I miss the classic red background on character select. They think the silver looks more professional I guess? I’m not a fan.

The problem is the money they could have used to fix Online Edition’s most likely being spent on Cross Assault(which is a shitty low-pro show anyway). Capcom are a bunch of idiots.

No disrespect and as much as I’d love to see some of these wishlisting things happen in a future patch/update (the good suggestions), you’re only wasting your time typing all of this out. Pretty sure everyone here knows that OE was rushed and left for dead. I mean, even simple things that they would have caught had they double checked it went through (Exact same 2 pictures of Ken in the vault, Q fan art being his health bar portrait, the vault in general being bad).

That’s not even including the somewhat more serious problems like meter length, poor implementation of GGPO, lolmatchmaking. As far as arcade perfection, I can’t speak for that since I’ve only ever played on a cabinet twice and PS2 until OE came out. We’re all better off on arcade, but for those of us who don’t have arcades close to us or competition, GGPO/online. :confused:

Unless, you wrote this to vent or share your ideas, that’s cool too, ha. :slight_smile:

Yeah it’s mostly just to write it down. I realize Capcom is never gonna fix this stuff. I suspect they made enough money off the port that they could fix everything wrong with it and still have made some good money off of it, but that doesn’t seem to be how they think about it.

Better Color Packs in my Opinion, Pallettes look ugly as the color contrast just doesn’t blend well.

Redevelop the game again using arcade hardware.

I wonder how hard it would be to just remake the CPS3 hardware and sell some new 3s machines. Maybe this time without the suicide battery? Could make a lot of people happy.

no way would that ever be worth it. they’d have to make x amount to sell them and make anything back and there is no way they would sell them all.

If 3S was new right now it would be just as popular as any of the current games. It’s all about NEW with the consumer culture. The actual game is secondary.

I am buying a astro city cab sometime soon. Maybe they’ll have one in a yard sale somewhere.

i was trying to find a cab for 3rd strike or super turbo but i have seen not even one street fighter cab in Oklahoma. seen a tekken and some mortal kombat but that it.

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Exactly my point. D:

something is definitely wrong with ggpo implementation on xbl. can’t speak for psn but on xbl it seems that there is some server side shit going on with the client. sometimes everything seems lag free but the person i’m playing is complaining of lag while other times i experience a ton of lag while the opponent says they don’t notice any.
as for anything else, unless they remake the game on pc i don’t see them coming back to fix a rushed game that probably isn’t making them any sales in the long run.

I think it has a lot to do with the ggpo delay setting. If you’re on 0 and they’re on 2, you can’t realistically expect to be synced up with them properly. There is a middle point, I’m sure of it, and that’s where our problem lies.


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man. i just missed some stuff because there isnt a solid astrocity hanging around currently without a tri-sync monitor (which would cost a lot more than normal).
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I highly doubt that show costs much to produce, its basically a stream that goes up on

The 25k is chump change to a company like capcom. Other then that its spooky and haunts running the streams and the capcomunity stream can’t cost that much to run. That leaves the spiffy intro video before each show, I think I could have made that so maybe 50 bucks plus 25k prize… not much money.