My supergun

I finally completed my supergun I have been working on. Because I have a sony PVM monitor which supports Analog RGB through a DB-25 connector, I didn’t need an encoder chip in this project unlike most people who use component or S-video on their superguns. So my picture is equal to the arcade, as good as it gets, true color. The box for my SG is an old Fischer reciever I had that broke. It is good because it can sit in any entertainment center and look classy. :tup:

It’s not 100% done, I am waiting for to re-stock their sanwa parts so I can get two joysticks for it, so I haven’t bothered with the controller ports yet. They will be DB-15’s though. I will also be doing some LED’s when the front power switch is turned on when I have a minute.

in the back it has speaker wire ports, I will be adding some RCA jacks too when I get around to it as well.

The DB-25 port on the back is so I can use a female to male PC cable to connect it to my monitor, and the power supply was a HUGE pain in the ass. I had to snip the wires and capacitors connected to the power supply connector port so that I could mount it properly in the back of the reciever. I don’t have the proper tools to drill through steel so this was a LONG process.


I can make superguns for anyone that wants one as well. :tup:

One day…I shall hit you up about that. :wgrin:

nice work! i may be interested in the near future as well =)

Good job airthrow, i told you i wasnt interested but yeah that looks tempting now…

Just let people know Airthrow is cool guy & honest…He did two mods for me & sold me a stick…

Airthrow you should just get those ps2 to jamma converters that laugh sells so you could just hook up regular sticks to it. Have a BYOS event at your house so you don’t have to hear people bitching at the kind of parts you have or layout :rofl:. Great job though!!!

Those laugh converters look real tempting, until you look at the price, 60 EACH=120+shipping for a pair. :sad:

I thinK I’ll make do with DB-15 cables at $20 total, haha.

Thanks for the shout out :woot:

As long as you can come up with the PSX end from like a multitap or dead ps1/ps2 on your own, and mount it cleanly, I may have an alternative for you soon. Look for a thread about FGWidget in the next couple of weeks.

I hate you, you lucky bastard.

Airthrow, how much would you charge to just make a VGA to CMPTR adapter or cable? I have a couple of monitors like yours, and I would like to be able to connect my computer to it for advancemame at 15khz.

I have the necessary graphics card.

Looks great!

In your thread, you mentioned you do other miscellaneous hackery… Could you mod a 6 button Genesis pad for Supergun (DB-15 plug) use?

Definitely interested.

all i gotta say is…DAMN!! badass man. I have a bought supergun, still aint half as cool as that. lol

Sometimes I really miss making superguns. They were fun to make, but just took forever :).

Sure was a corny video I put out back then

Good Luck Airthrow. There is a market out there for them, even though I haven’t made them in a few years, I still get requests for them.

I once sold superguns and loved making them. The big problem is it can be a thankless job and many are not willing to pay much for them. Personally I just could not make a decent profit so I stopped selling them.

I wish anyone good luck who sells them it is becoming a lost art especially for one of good craftsmanship and quality parts.