My take on the Hit Box (MK)


Not like a Hit Box really, but I figured their name might catch some peoples eyes. Just look past the paint job, its so hard to paint outside in windy Florida, and it got even worse after I dropped my box and rage threw it a few times.

And here are some spares. Or possibly for eBay when I can find a good day to paint.

So what do you think?


How did you fabricate the shell? Not a big fan of the MK layout but really like the technique.


It’s 1/2" MDF wood thats primed and painted.


Ah okay, the black shell and heater made me think you were doing some plastic molding, a lot of DIY hobby plastics have been coming out lately.


which pcb did you use? have you tested a simultaneous left-right button press?


Nice work you should post this up on the arcade stick thread!


I like the “WAD” placement


mc cthulhu, and left and right don’t work simultaneously.


Shameless self-bump and a link to TYM: