My TE buttons don't work

Okay, so if I play with my TE for about 45 minutes, the right and left trigger buttons stop working. Then if I turn the Xbox of with the controller, the xbox light stays on. So basically, it leaves me with having to unplug it for it to start working again, What do i do? If i open the top, will is void my warranty, because I did that a while back. I’m really scared because I kind of just bought this a couple days ago.

first of all, learn to search the forum because this is a major problem and there are about a million people who’ve posted the same question.

if you’ve opened the stick it voids your warranty but if you call mad catz, supposedly they will send you another piece of shit pcb with the same problems. what you should do is unplug the controller when the trigger buttons stop working and plug it back in. usually solves the problem for another couple hours. if you don’t want to keep doing this then open the stick up and switch the trigger wires with the bumper wires.