My TE dosnt have headphone support?

When I saw the “Street Fighter IV Joystick Demo” video, Seth mention that the stick has HeadPhone support and showed this on the Stick itself.

When I checked my stick I could not find this at all, it dose look like madkatz solderd it away, I can see marks in the place where the “headphone input” should be.

What is going on here?

The EU version dosent have headphone support?

If you just would’ve been patient you would’ve seen I answered your question in the official thread. Do you have a PS3 TE or 360?

Do you even have the X360 version?

I have the PS3 version

Doesn’t have a headphone jack because the PS3 uses bluetooth

The PS3 version doesn’t have headphone support…sorry.

So basically he’s forced to buy a bluetooth headset since that works straight through the PS3?

yes. PS3 itself only supports bluetooth headset devices. every PS3 owner should know this by now

Incorrect actually. I have an old PS2 usb headset that i was using with my PS3 until I picked up the Warhawk/Headset combo. It just worked fine by plugging it in one of the PS3’s usb ports.

PS3 only supports blue tooth or USB mics. If you don’t wanna shell out the cash for a bluetooth, get a USB mic, they work just the same.

Thanks for the help, was Shocked at first:P