My TE Round 2 Fightstick has a sticky button

Hey. I tried searching this forum but was not sure how to search for sticky buttons and I wasn’t getting any results so let me apologize in advance if there are already threads on this.

I bought the TE Fightstick Round 2 a few months ago and used it for about 10-15 hours before putting it away. I just bought Super Street Fighter 4 and plugged my fightstick back in and after a few matches I realized that the X button was getting stuck when clicked in and would take about a 1/2 second to pop out. This makes the game unplayable since X is my Light Punch and I play with Balrog and his jab is pretty important.

I know almost nothing about Arcade Sticks so I am not sure what to do. Can I just pop the top panel off with an allen key and clean the button with some alcohol or Windex? Or do I have to replace it with one of the other buttons I dont use such as the back button?

I really appreciate any help. Cheers.

You can try opening the stick up and pulling out and cleaning the button to see if it helps. Otherwise you can simply buy a new OBSF-30 button (can get them here: ) and replace it. Shipping may be a bit high just for one button, so you might try the trading outlet and see if someone has one.

In the mean time try swapping out a button from the LT or LB. If you are concerned about color coordination then just swap out the microswtich, the black thing with the plugs.

Cool. Thanks for the replies. I just checked out the OBSF-30 buttons on and that is def not what I thought the buttons look like. I can’t see how I can possibly clean the buttons since they are already connected into the outer casing.

Is it possible to remove the button out of the casing so I can clean the inside of it?

there is a hole on the side. gently stick a pen in it to pop out the plunger from each side. You can pop out the switch out the top from there.

I love you. I cant wait to go home and try this. I really appreciate your help buddy.

Remove the button and douse it with rubbing alcohol. Replace after it has completely evaporated.

this happened to me a long time ago, an easy fix is to put rubbing alcohol in a cup… put it in there and swoosh it around, let it sit for a couple of minutes… then take it out and dry it… itl be as good as new

You guys are great. I removed the button and was able to clean the button with water. Completely fixed the issue I was having. I went 13-2 in ranked matches right after. Thanks!

Water and ANYTHING connected to an electronic device, are NEVER a good combination. Water has a tendency to leave behind moisture which could short out the stick’s PCB. That is why cleaners meant for electrical systems are always either silicon or alcohol based.