My TE:S Stick pcb has died, what are my options?

had it for about 3 years and it has served me well.
i just wanna know if there is a replacement pcb i can buy or do i have to just padhack or buy a new stick?

If it’s just the PCB, you definitely don’t have to buy a new stick. What kind of compatibility do you need?

The most broad answer is to get a PS360+. It works with the most consoles, it’s easy to install.

i would like xbone support but i think u can only achieve that thru padhacking.
does a ps360+ require any soldering?

Venom PS4 stick

Nope. It’s pretty dummy-proof. You just wiggle off the connectors going to your dead PCB, snip the wires, strip them down a little to expose them, and screw them in with a small flat-head screwdriver. You can watch this guy install it to get an idea of what to do.

I don’t keep up with Xbone stuff, but yeah, you’d either be getting into more complicated modding or sending your stick off to somebody.

If you don’t need 360 support, you can give the Cthulu PCB a look. PS3/PC without soldering, fair bit cheaper than a PS360+.

For xbone support, you need to padhack or use a Brooks converter.

With the brooks converter he still needs the PCB first.

What systems you want will effect your decision.
I recently did a PS360+ Dual Mod with a Hori Fighting Commander 4, yes there were some soldering but it comes out fine.

If you want Xbox One I recommend the Mortal Kombat X Pad, If you only want Xbox 360 and Xbox one it isn’t a bad choice but you got to relocated the system selection switch to somewhere on your stick.
If you doing just Xbox One with the PCB (or Xbox one in a dual mod) you can leave that switch alone (set to Xbox One ).

Well yeah, that (needing a pcb) was implied- probably would have been better to clarify that though.

I figured so, knowing my own past experiences with people on Tech Talk. If you are not completely clear on all the details, some people would not get what you are talking about.
But if you dumb it down you also risk insulting some peoples “intelligence” which is the catch twenty two.

You got to assume ether everyone has a basic level of knowledge or everyone is a complete noob. Hence why my later guides all start off with a disclaimer, and I gave the mods the idea for the disclaimer on the intro/must read me thread.

I just want my stick to work again with same support (360,pc) the ps360+ looks like a simple installation, so I’m leaning towards that. Not much of a diy person but I’ve swapped a stick out of a regular sfiv stick so putting this together shouldn’t be that bad. I do want xbone support, but I’m not trying to go out of my way to accomplish it ie soldering. If I get the stick back working then the Brooks converter might be worth a try

PS360+ is most likely your best bet, everything is labeled for you.

You could even keep the button distro board if you want and just splice that ribbon cable into the screw terminals of the PS360+.
I would recommend replacing the joystick wireharness with a real one as it latches to the joystick instead of needing glue, and it color code your directional (the opposite of the above with the buttons)