My TE stick oddysey

As you all know, obtaining a te stick or any stick for that matter is quite a chore. I’m on this site reading and relating to other poor souls who have yet to get their hands on one. Week after week I would tirelessly and desparately try to find a decent priced stick only to be disappointed time and time again. I was actually entertaining the idea of switching to ps3 just because the hrap3s weren’t too terribly priced. I preordered one form and immediately regretted that once I realized I was getting the runaround, and cancelled my order posthaste. I would periodically call gamespots in my area and inquire about sticks knowing full well they did not have them. Yesterday, the day I cancelled my order at vgc, I randomly called gamestop one more time because I was bored. The guy laughed at me when I asked, but he directed me to a few gs’s that might actually have a few. I called a gs that was almost an hour away, not expecting anything, but HOLY SHIT they had FUCKING TWO!!! My heart was racing at the thought that I might actually be able to get the elusive TOURNAMENT EDITION FIGHTSTICK BY MADCATZ!!!, the same stick that all the 09ers on srk are clamoring for. The guy was so casual when telling me, so I put it on hold and made my way down there. When I got to the gamestop, I had the guy bring it out from the back. As he came out, I saw metaphorical rays of heavenly light radiating from the majesty of the te box. I actually put on my sunglasses because this metaphorical light was so bright. The funny thing is that the guy wasn’t expecting anyone to buy the thing. He said it would be there for around 3 months. I held my tongue for I did not care for the opinions of uninformed gs employees. Well, four trade-ins and 113 dollars later I finally had the holy grail of all arcade sticks. On the ride back I caressed and fondled the fruits of my labor. The moral of the story is to never give up on your dreams. Call gamestop and have them check your area for one, you might get lucky. Feel free to share your fightstick drama.

good shit man buy a ps3 we play:china:

wow dude you act like its next best thing since sliced bread… you need to get out more… its just a stick… mine arrives next week and im not getting overly excited… i can wait

cool story bro, giant wall o text FTL

i was waiting to read at the end that you bought both, one to keep and one to sell on eBay (to further offset the cost). Good for you! Congrats and enjoy. Mine is being delivered tomorrow courtesy of Gamestop.

Well, you’re a stronger man than I’ll ever be. But you’re wrong, it’s not JUST a stick. Any other person on srk will disagree with you on that. It’s no different than any other tool a person would use for a their respective trade. Like a perfectly engineered aerodynamic golfclub or a sword peerlessly forged in the bowels of mordor.

cool story.


so steamy :woot:

I can just see where this story is going to go about a month from now, lol.

GREAT STORY!.. brought a tear to my eye! hahahaha!!

i was at work reading this and i laughed out loud… congrats on finally obtaining your sword!

i got my sword yesterday! i love it! and now im going to customize my battle weapon to set it apart from everyone elses!!



and then you pulled it out of the box and were like “wtf are all these scratches on the casing? why dont my lk and mp buttons work?”

I wonder what his reaction will be if it craps out on him.

Congrats man! I am getting mine today. Hopefully, it doesn’t give me any problem.

props bro best read i have had all day

Your story inspired me to start calling around, and I CANNOT believe it :slight_smile: I got a tournament edition fight stick too :slight_smile:

Thanks for the inspiration lol :slight_smile: