My team including Hsien-ko. any advice?



So my current team in Zero(Ryuinjin)/ Hsien-ko(Senpu bu)/ Doom(Hiddin Missiles) and I been doing ok with this team but I had a thought about placing Hsien-ko first for a few reasons

  1. Hsien-ko gets support from Hidden missiles 2. Zero can come in with a crossover counter with Ryuinji assist if Hsien-ko is pressured 3. Zero/Hsien-ko may have a potential unblockable (still work in progress) with Hsien-ko’s Iron Ball hyper DHC to Zero Soguenmu. 4. Hsien-ko can handle certain match ups better with her on point.

I’m also thinking if I do place Hsien-ko on point I may switch Doom’s assist to Plasma Beam instead of Hiddin missiles but I’m not sure yet.

What do you guys think? Any suggestions or feedback is very much appreciated .

And another fact is that these forums need to start kicking again. it seems dead compared to the other forums.

Also i posted my team here because i think "well it’s the hsien-ko forums and the players have more experience with her lol.

And i do have some videos with my team. here is my YouTube channel AirForceSterl

But yeah any feedback with the team? Please :slight_smile:


Hmm, I’m surprised there hasn’t been any response?

I was slightly skeptical until I got to see the videos you put up for your team, and I was enjoying some of the ideas you came up with for synergy between the two. The Lightning Loop setup would be extremely helpful for her with her lower damage output. The only problem would be of course, if you lose Zero, you will probably have a slightly harder time.

If going against a character Hsien-ko can hold her own against, then it definitely wouldn’t hurt to play her first against them. If things get sticky, you could do the crossover counter as you said, or DHC Gold Armor to Sougenmu. Plasma beam probably would be very helpful for Hsien-ko on point in case it gets to a zoning war. Could help her set some gongs up and plan what to do from there. Either Doom assist works for Zero since he seems pretty self-sufficient.


You gotta put Hsien-Ko first! Zero can function by himself pretty effectivley, and because of his “get 1 hit, win the game” strat, having Hsien-Ko behind him doesn’t really help that much. You might as well just have Dante.

However, if you can Zero backed by Gold-Ko…then you’re in the business. If you lose Hsien, no biggie, you still got Zero/Doom in the back.


Finally some responses lol

But Yeah I been experimenting with Hsien-ko on point and she can hold her own at times but i sometimes get owned in zoning wars because of I have missiles lol.
But I’ll practice with Plasma beam and see what I can work with there. I also notice that when I have Zero on point and I lose him then the match becomes slightly difficult.

And I’m glad you like the videos :). I’m trying to work on an unblockable set up with hsien-ko and zero with Hsien-ko’s Tenrai-ha DHC to Zero’s Souguenmu. While Tenrai ha hits over head and Zero hits low and goes for the D Loop if they are in the corner :slight_smile:


Yes you have a very good point about Zero being first lol. Having Gold-ko would make zero into a beast hahaha xD

And should I lose Zero at least I don’t have to worry about incoming mixups with Hsien-ko…except grabs lol