My team need help

my team is Pslocke Cable ans Ruby heart im good with all of them but i need alittle help with cable .

give me some tips on the teams or should i replace any one ??

whats wrong with your cable?
what is yr usual gameplan with ur team?


two things bud

  1. we can’t help you fully without you telling us what assists you have them on (anti air for all of them would be ideal)

  2. your order is fucked… it should be reversed, ruby / cable / psylocke

ruby builds decent meter, cable uses that meter, and psylocke is just a good assist.

with cable? using ruby’s anti air, you can create ghetto traps and build meter for yourself… then run cable / psylocke scrub style… wait for them to open up, call psylocke, xx ahvb, ggpo…

also your team seems to be cable-centric, not saying that rubyheart with psylocke is bad but when your cable dies, so goes your game. Risky team imo.

not everybody needs to run gods to be good. ruby is a good character. end of story

Don’t get me wrong. Ruby heart is a good character. A lot of japanese players use ruby heart and I’ve seen some amazing stuff with her. All non-god tiers can be good. But the chances of them beating the typical tournament tested teams filled with god tiers are lower. A good counter to what i said is Duc spiral team (or Double Wolv, Cammy/Tron… or anything with tron for that matter, i mean wtf even megaman/AAA would be annoying for the casual msp). Spiral is not a god tier but until you polish up the non-god tier character’s gameplay/team strategy it is much harder to win because the god tier teams are not only good with the characters individually, but also because they have already been polished a lot over these years.

dude, not everybody competes

yeah you are right, i just assumed too much :rolleyes:

Ruby Heart is more of a chipping/space controlling character - so her best assists/teammates would be storm, sent drones, Doom rocks, IM, cyclops etc…
If are gonna keep Ruby and cable I’d prob have Doom rocks instead or psy ( or cyke or drones).

ruby aaa + juggernaut glitched = 80% THC :slight_smile:

Truth. This is the best post I’ve seen on SRK in months.

“Here is my team how do I make it better”


He didn’t ask how to win tournys douchebag, he asked how to improve his current team.

wow bash me more. i already admitted that mixah is right and that i was wrong. i already know that its this kind of attitude that prevents new ppl from picking up this game. no need to get all edgy on me

and besides in my 2nd post did i ever say go pick the god tiers instead of ruby heart? all i said was the team was cable centric because both psy and ruby AAA assists seem to be the elements in helping cable to space control, so when you lose cable you lose the main gameplay. its like saying cable/doom/commando is cable centric even though its still a good team. so don’t stereotype me with a generic quote.

the only mistake i made was trying to refute mixah’s quote of “not everybody needs to run gods to be good. ruby is a good character. end of story” with saying that its harder to beat tourney tested teams with it.
Note that i never told XTRM0n3 to change his team however much you THINK that it was implied in my posts.

theres a good example of the doom/ruby spacecontrol/trapping game in one of the videos on preppy’s site. Think its Ill E’s Ruby Heart Video but i think he took it down already.