My team of Skrull/Thor/Wesker


I feel that Wesker is actually my weakest link and i really want to replace him with deadpool.
here is me in action


What exactly do you hope to accomplish in here?


character forums or UMvC3 general discussion, please.


Deadpool is actually a good anchor.


I…Just dont get it? What are we suppose to say?


Lol, I know what he’s saying, he’s saying he can body all of u with Thor n skrull, and he don’t even really need wesker to do it, just a decent otg assist.

@Seth- I seen ur videos in the Thor thread so I got an idea of ur ability and playstyles… I say u should try shehulk, X-23, or even iron man. I got nothing against deadpool, but I’m a Thor player, so I love showin off the things I can do with non-top tier characters, and deadpool is kinda used a lot. I say try iron man. He has an otg assist, kinda high execution (whitch makes him fun, and is extremely underrated… Plus he has some of the prettiest combos out there with his flight. They probably gonna get mad at me, but check out the stuff they have cooked up in the iron man thread!


Watching the vid you linked, honestly it looks like from best to worst the order is Thor>Wesker>Skrull. Having Thor up there is awesome because there are not many good Thor players… and your Wesker play isnt bad the only thing you seem to be missing is some of the resets hes capable of. And I’m not saying your Skrull is bad, but it pains me to say (because I like the style of Skrull) the vid shows how Skrull has a lot of problems vs rushdown (which most people put early on in their team). I find him hard to place on my teams because you are kind of forced to put him early since his assists arent too great, but his overall style seems strongest as an anchor.