My team vs Magneto... Shouldn't i technically lose?



My team consists of the fallowing. (not the real team i’m using when the game comes out. This is just an example)

Dr. Doom

If i went against Magneto alone 3 v 1 shouldn’t i lose? He is the master of metal. Dr. Doom, metal. Iron-Man, metal, MODOK robot made of metal. All Magneto would have to do is snap his fingers and he would peel Iron-Man suit from his body.

This has always bothered me in MVC. Colossus vs Magneto in MVC2… same thing. Has this ever bothered anyone else?


It’s tony fucking stark.


Umm, I guess. Though this thread stands much less of a chance than that team would.


Don’t make posts like this. They get infracted. You get infracted twice, you get banned for a week.

It’s part of the conceit of comic books: powers bend to whatever the writer needs them to do right then. Roll with it. :tup: