My technique for reversal-timed 360's

Hi Hugo players. I just picked up Hugo. Well, I just picked up 3s, so I’m not that good yet. But I had several better players scratching their heads today as I consistantly ripped off reversal-timing 360’s. I am clumsy and slow, but it’s not that hard. I would like to share my technique with other Hugo players who may or may not have trouble performing this feat. If you’ve heard this before, or you already do it yourself, then please don’t trash me! I’m trying to help!

Here it is:

On the stick - For god’s sake, don’t “palm” the stick! When playing on the 2p side you are going to end up elbowing me and we’re going to have an awkward moment. I’m sure very few competent players do this but I am still apalled when I see it. The 360 is wristwork. Fast and smooth. Just like a fireball. It’s commmonly known that you can get away with an incomplete 360 motion. I don’t do this. I do a complete 360, ending at the same point I started at, every time. It’s an essential part of the technique itself, and it gives you practice for buffering half a Gigas every time you Moonsault. You may be able to do it differently, but for this technique I completly close the circle.

On the buttons - Here’s the good part. As you cross “up” (and remember, the stick continues moving to close the circle, it doesn’t stop at up) drum you fingers across all three punches. Don’t hold them down, as that will halve your effective button inputs. I start my “drum” with fierce on my ring finger, and end on jab with my index finger. Fierce is hit around cardinal up, and by the time I pres jab I have reached left or right (presumably where I started).

The implications of this-
This take much of the guesswork out of timing your Moonsault. In addition, it takes pressure off of you, makeing your overall performance better. Using this technique, I can Moonsault after most blocked moves that are -4 on block. Have youever had a Chun Li trap you by buffering a lightnig kick after the spinning bird kick? I have. It’s fucking ass. Hugo can’t crouch the sbk and the lk immediatly afterwards pushes chun back outof harm’s way. Fuck that whore. Anyhow, that very trap led me to develop this technique. There is actually time between the sbk and lk to 360 that bitch and now I (and hopefully you) can do it with 95% + accuracy.

Makoto isn’t a filthy whore like Chun is, but she does have a nasty guessing game with her choke hold/fiercexxhayate. I was stuck in this today, but then I kept beating her to the punch with a Moonsault every time she tried to get me again with the chokehold and she cut that bs out quick. This technique serves me in all sorts of situations including early jumpins and blocked meaties and all close parries. Use you imagination.

I hope this is helpful to anyone reading! Good luck!

There’s a technique we call “butter-churning” around here. I don’t know if I should share it because it’s so good, but here it is…

Ok, start spinning the stick in a circle nonstop AND! get this, start drumming your fingers on the punch buttons. First chance you get, reversal 360/720. w00t! mad skills! :slight_smile:

It’s pretty funny when you’re next to each other because you can always tell if they’re doing it, but then you mix it up with the FAKE butter-churn! lol

Best way is prolly what you said though. Do 360, and get as many punch inputs as you can. Ending at a position that besides a jumping one too so you won’t accidentally jump.

Does negative edge work in 3s? Because maybe you could do your 360 motion to end in back or down-back and release all the punches in order. If you fuck it up, you’ll at least block.

you could just as easily pick yun and win though. :smiley:

Yeah negative egde works, I sometimes use it for kara palm with Yun.

exodus has given the best tip here!:lol: