My TE's a Dud!


I finally decided to get a TE. I was excited about it. Used it for no more than two hours and the MK/B button completely gives out. So I open it up and switch the buttons around. It worked when one of the buttons my SE stopped working, but not for the TE.

I played with my unmodded SE vigorously for at least four months before one of the buttons started to go. I was expecting to go sooner honestly. Not the TE though. Heard so many great things about it. I know its under warranty but I don’t want to spend a month or two sending back to madcatz. For 130$ ( I should have no problem whatsoever.

Has anyone else had this problem? How did you resolve it?


You sure took a lot of time to make your post pretty didn’t you.


if it was 2h old… why did u not just return it? :S


thats what you get for buying into the hype and getting a shitty madcatz stick instead of something of quality.


"Has anyone else had this problem? How did you resolve it?"
by returning it? durrrrrr


Lmao just return it bro.


Yes actually I did. I was bored.

I didn’t buy it from a store. I bought it online. So before I ship it off for a month I wanted to know what I could do.


buy another one (from a store this time, and one that doesn’t charge for repacking fee) and do the old switcheroo.


That’s a great idea! This thread can b closed now.