My Thoughts on 2v2 SFXT at Evo. Whats Your opinion


I personally prefer 1v1 instead of 2v2…i cant really trust another person as my partner who can cost me the match…I may not enter because of it…i wont know till i find someone willing to be my partner .BUT it is evo and im entering almost everything…what do you guys think?


Don’t think i’m going to Evo this year anymore. If i do i’ll only be entering sf4. I have no desire to play SFxT Mario Party Edition


How much does it normally cost to enter a game at Evo? Is it that much more that you won’t enter? And how difficult is it to find and make friends online? When I played ssf4, I met a good Ken from Texas I could have paired up with if I had to (I’m from New York). I play kof 13 now, and I’ve had to add just about every 4 bar connection person I’ve come across because there aren’t a lot of people playing the game online. None of these kof friends I’ve added live in New York, but if I was going to Evo, and at least one of them was going, I’m sure I could team up with them. My point is, with this new thing we call the internet, if you need to find a teammate you probably could.


This really sucks. I really looked forward to SFxTK, but I have no way of finding a partner. So I guess it will just be AE and UMVC3 for me. I am very disappointed with this decision.


You do know it’s not Scramble mode, right?

Sure you do. You’re posting on it.


I don’t mind the 2v2 because I knew it would be a draw, but I am rather ticked off about the No Gem rule persisting all the way to EVO despite the Tournament Patch next week.

As a teacher, I always do my best to promote creativity and embrace new ideas. So naturally, I’m more than a little peeved that Gems aren’t even going to be given a test run and we’re just rejecting them on principle alone despite them all being free. Tournament organizers would have to, gasp, learn to accept something new, and we can’t have THAT can we!?


Actually i would rather join a scramble mode tournament then a 2v2 tournament, Scramble mode will require more strategy and skill and cunning then 2v2.




i wasnt planning on going to evo, then i got into sfxt and decided i was going to go. then i learned it was 2v2 and decided not to go again.

oh and ppl complain about time overs and the works but still decide not to use gems, its like playing mvc1,2 or 3 but we cant use assists. i love ppls lack of learning something new and working with it.


I’ve heard some of the guys around here compare them to items in Smash, but the thing about Smash items is that they would appear at random. Gems are a deliberate choice by the player who uses them and came to a match prepared to use them: there’s nothing random about them. I guess it’ll be up to the Capcom tournaments to showcase individualized Gem loadouts because the powers-that-be won’t even let us use the default sets that come with the game.


i would hope SRK gives the option of having a player going solo if given the chance ( as long as he plays the whole team fee ), makes sense right? SRK gets the same money


Sounds more like butthurt than anything else really. I don’t know too many people who go to Evo solo or doesn’t have someone locally that’s also going that they can just practice a bit with. This most likely has to do with time constraint crap, but at this point the best players are going to win regardless.

It’s not like people have really totally figured out how this game plays yet and the level of play even during solo matches is pretty slop. Might as well just do something fun and quick that the stream monsters will enjoy and keep the serious stuff for games that have been played for more than 2 months and people have already figured out the 50 different sub system mechanics for.


2v2 Evo tournament would be hype!
I was thinking if it could be like a hybrid tourney, if you wannna go solo you can, or if you have a partner, go for it.


The gems serve a specific purpose, i.e. to customize your character… if you use the default loadouts, there’s no customization. It’s just randomly changing the game for no reason. Some of the default layouts suck, and some are a little more useful, but if we don’t get to pick we might as well not use them at all. Most of the people that want gems haven’t suggested idea [default presets] because of this

As for the 2v2 format… I can’t wait for some drama that’s like “my partner went to go eat/get a hooker/etc”


It’s a gimmick to try and keep folks from giving up this game. When people are giving up a Capcom game for KOF (and rightfully so), you know Capcom has goofed hard.

On the bright side, this will keep the tourney entrants down so they’ll have more time to run other games.


Run a 1v1 SFxT side tourney at EVO then.


1v1 is boring as fuck. 2v2 is alot more interesting and hype. There are alot of players that I can pair up with. People in my scene, the people in the midwest, people on this site. I mean, its not that hard.


I wish they had it where two people can enter as a single entity (entry for both) but people who want to fly solo can do so. I personally don’t want to team up with someone, so I can’t enter SFxT.


This is pretty embarrassing.

Was this an attempt to salvage the game that no longer has favor? When players pour hours into games, do you guys feel its normal for two people’s lives to be synchronized? Of course the level of play will be diminished, but the towel was thrown in beforehand, the game wasn’t even given a fair chance, and worse people who hate the game were probably more influential in solidifying this decision. Was MK ever going to be pair play? Will TT2U, if its at Evo in 2013, be pair play if a top player on stream says its more fun or a bunch of ‘stream monsters’ complain?

If SfxT is garbage, then you guys should have the balls to scrap it. Pair play won’t save the day, and it looks like a shallow compromise for some hype.

As a competitor if this doesn’t have a foul stench, you have to check yourself. Whoever aspired to be a tag team champion? World Champion. Thats it.


Exactly. Nobody is going to care if you are the tag-team champions of 2v2 SFxT. It’s not going to be a big deal. Switching to 2v2 makes EVO no longer the event that determines who is the world champion at this game. Another major will. The answer to “Who is the best player in the world at SFxT?” will no longer be “Of course it’s _____ because he won EVO”, it’ll be “It’s _____ because he won the last 1v1 major with all the top competitors in it.”