My thoughts on a A2 Remix

Posted in another thread. Just thought I would share my thoughts.

Ok here are my thoughts on A2 remix:


Increase tech window, by a frame or so

Tech rolls:

Keep them the same, but don’t allow them to interfere with juggles.


nerf damage and cannot kill, 1 meter or

1.5 meters, cannot kill, same damage


Make A3/Cvs2 style, lvl based on button strength, not 1, 2, or 3 button presses

Customs Combos:

Take away Valle cc (but keep freeze), 50-80 percent damage on random cc is annoying OR

Keep the same, but make it extremely easy to counter cc

Take away motion storing


Make all supers knock down (like lvl 1 shinku hadouken)
Adjust invincibility to go with lvl, higher lvl more invincibility(lvl 1 supers have a ton of inivin. and some lvl 3s have next to none in A2 :/)

Make all 1st hit of dps knock down


make fake hadouken same as sfhd, less frames
Make dp more lenient to execute in CC


Adjust damage on lvl 1 shinryuken, Ive seen it do almost 50%
Add recovery frames to roll, allow it to go under fbs easier
First hit of hp dp knocks down


Allow cross up air fb
Raging Demon not jump able from point blank
1 hits of dp knocks down


Fix cross up, it could hit from front or back when crossing up, make it normal.


Make his fireball safe on block/hit (In A2 is was free cc)
Give air gale kicks and allow tigerkneeing of it
Make every 3rd dp invincible


Make 360 same as Gief
Charge Headbutt safer on block, but not from cc
Do not allow mashing out of his lvl 3


Change fireball to a charge, faster start up, more recovery
Lightning Legs useless in ccs
Better damage on lvl 1 kick super, change to qcfx2+k
Take away s.fp AA
Lessen priority on j.fp,
Slightly increase recovery on
Overhead on slight neg frames on Block, plus on hit. Only lk version invincible


Make df+mk safer on MAX range (sometime you can get cc’d)
Slightly decrease damage on SI, not to A3 extent
Adjust hitbox on so it doesnt beat EVERYTHING, but still extremely good


Slightly strengthen normals in PPP mode, except when chained so he can actually do damage thru poking
Allow c.fp anit-air in PPP mode
Adjust invincibility frames on dp so it doesnt lose to meaties, increase recovery on block
Make charge b-f+p in KKK mode to go under fireballs easier (lp version)
Increase invin. on lvl 3 rush
Make chains esaier


Jag kick safe on hit, slightly increase recovery on lk version blocked
Nerf same as Rose
Fix invincibility on his lp dp do he doesnt lose when hit on the head.


c.fp and df+rh speed increased (I can try to hit a whiffed dp and they block on time :/)
Make cancellable
SPD can be jumped from, retain magic grab on wake up
Lessen priority/hitbox on d+hp and d+mk


Adjust super PC properties, so it will hit for full damage (if whiffs all the hits if you hit a limb)
Faster start up on c.fp
Increase knee press damage in cc


Far limbs not hittable by acs
Increase recovery of yoga flame


Even frames on Sonic boom block, longer hitstun on hit
Make c.fp anti air
Flash kick air blockable
Speed up s.rh


c.fp good anti-air
c.rh safe from reasonable distances


Make lp shouder go under fireballs
Increase priority on d+mp in the air
Increase hit box on aa super
speed up
Make c.rh safe from reasonable distance
both hits of knock down
Increase damage of combo super, speed up bigger hit box to combo off
Bushin Chain easier


Lessen damage on knife
Lower damage on jumping normals in cc ( a lvl3 should do no more than 60-70%) but not worthless like A2G (lvl 3 cc did 10%)
Change scouter jump to 3 K
Allow trip wire to combo off normals

The system changes I’d want would be:

  • CCs do less damage
  • Removal of Valle CCs
  • Air blocking similar to KOF '98 (can’t air block when doing an offensive jump, AA specials can’t be air blocked at all)
  • ACs do less damage (like 50%), you can kill with them
  • Remove Chun from the roster (:D)

That’s all I can think of right now. Maybe you should post this in FGD to get more replies.

man i really hope theres a chance for a remixed alpha 2, game is sick. heres what i would like to see…

-cammy and evil ryu playable along with anyone else you had to input codes to select (somewhere on the character select screen).

-rolento having the more recent version of patriot circles.

-ccs doing less damage.

-agree with cronopio, acs should do less but still be fatal.

other than that, i do like a lot of the changes ragingstorm suggested. this thread probably should be in fighting game discussion.

something noone has saied yet:

  • Ryu’s fireballs needs to be toned down in their up close damage and speed. It’s totally rediculess how good they are in this game.

  • All of Guy’s qcb+P should go through fireballs A3 style and at least the LP one should be comboable from a normal s.MP, just like Alpha 3. His d+MP jump prio is really good already, no need to change it IMHO.

  • Chun’s jump LK should be toned down a bit and crouch MK, too.

Fireball needs to be kept the same, except not knockdown, give him his actual red fireball from later game, which had increased recovery. But IMO his fireball is just damn good but why do that. Seriously, we don’t want to nerf him that muc, I think that alone would drop him a tier. We want to make everyone better, not make people worse.

…stop crying. :nono: They should tone Chun Li down in terms of timing.

I would like for them to:

  1. Include the characters from Alpha 3 Max minus Yun and Ingrid (for story purposes)
  2. Give Guy Bushin Muso Renge (Alpha 3 version cause it looks cooler):nunchuck:.
  3. Make Guy’s MP, HP, level Kick 3 Super hit confirm easier.

That’s all I can think of. Seriously though I would like to at least see the inclusion of Maki. I’m tired of her last appearance being the psp version ,that no one plays! Further more doing moves on psp is a pain! :mad: and my psps keep breaking:mad:!

For Guy, I don’t think you want both hits of Crouching MK to Knock down.
reason- Wouldn’t be able to combo from it. Not sure of the juggle properties in this game out side of CC activation.

Your other points I agree with only other thing I would add is for him to take less damage.

qcb+mk is the only thing that combos normally off the 1st it of and juggles, so it would still combo (well it should).

Just out of curiosity RSX, why wouldent Sim need a few more tweaks? I mean nerfing the flame? If the flame needs to be nerfed (I really dont think it does, but you do know much more about this game then I) why wouldent Ryus uber FB be nerfed?

I am asking because Sim is one of my main chars, more info about him helps me out.

And is the DP air blockable? If so, then yeah Nash’s FK should be as well.

They gotta keep the ACs at one level of meter, 1.5 meter(like A2G/Z2A) made me stop using ACs all together because they just weren’t worth the cost anymore.

Acs using one meter let them be highly abusable, and your game shouldnt be focused on build meter, ac, rinse and repeat. Not everyone plays like that, but those who do it well make it a very good tactic. I can ac reversal but you arent gonna guess right all the time and its very hard to get around. Acs are meant to give you some breathing room or punish firebalss, they shouldnt be the focus of your game, not saying they are for you but i mean in general.

I’d rather see the AC’s kept at one level with nerfed damage/no KO than 1.5 with the same damage, to clarify.
SCs/CCs are available at level 1, and both are gonna be better damage options, but I’d rather keep the option of being able to AC more in the mix. Tone down the damage, but keep them as viable options at one meter. You can use them to get breathing room, but you can use them offensively to pressure into corners, set up knockdown traps…I don’t play around ACs solely, but I liked having the option, and they came in handy with alot of characters(Guy, Charlie)