My thoughts on AE Zangief



godlike - I’m back


good shit


Finally someone with some sense… I havent even played it yet and I know gief is better in this version.


Yea jab spd having a little longer reach and doing 10 more dmg makes up for the loss of guaranteed knockdown and mixup after ex-gh lol

Come on aqua you can troll better than this.


gl getting 8-2ed by sagat and guile


Guile is back to middle/bad tier


Careful saying that around here. I just rented out some diving equipment to try and wade through the sea of tears from all of the posts in the changes thread.


Aquasilk, please elaborate on what makes him so good. The increased SPD range? The Ultra 2 changes? The changes to the rest of the cast? Any other changes that we haven’t heard about yet?


I’ll agree with what many Gief players have said, and that’s just that he feels better. Yea, having less opportunities too 100-0 someone after a knockdown is a nerf, but the spd range buff is better than the crybabies expect, but the main reason he is good is that projectile characters got a lot weaker. Sagat is unwinnable, no question about it, but Gief has a much better time vs Ryu Ken, Seth, and etc now. Also, dont forget, he beats the best 3 characters in AE-- Yang, Yun, and Fei Long, and he beats them convincingly too.


Gief confirmed for top 5 in AE.

Vanilla glory son


Glad to hear about this. I’m sure he isn’t that bad. With Sagat I think a Gief player just needs to be patient.


I dont think zangief has advantage over feilong, 5-5 imo (starnab thinks so)

Do u know if chunlis projectile gets counterhit on recovery too?

Guile is not going to be worse than now imo, still advantage for him but at least with the meter building nerf he will not have many FADC in somersault and we still get the kd on ex gh against sonic booms.


Yun and Yang feels like

Fei Long though…what Fei Long players are you playing?

Feels like a solid 6-4 in his favor, maybe just a 5-5 now


I feel this is such BS. Guile’s gameplan is totally intact. He just cant waste meter as much unless he’s bashing you in the face with back fists, pretty much his meter builder now. Meter wasn’t/isn’t his 1up on Gief.

Im so jealous of you folks that can punish a SB on semi reaction.


I love Aquasilk. He always comes in with these one liners then disappears for further comment. lol