My thoughts on Evo West 2006 And Lots And Lots Of Photos

Hey, guys. Just fresh off of Evo West, I figured I’d point everyone to my thoughts about the tournament. I wrote it all up on my blog, so feel free to head there to check it out. Here’s the link to my blog:

As well as a direct link to the actual post:

Also, at the end of the post, there is a link to photos from the tournament. I’ll post a link to the photos directly here, but please read this before you check out the photos:

I did my best to list people’s names and such, but will intentionally leave out a lot of names. If you see I’ve gotten any names wrong or know the names of anyone else on the pictures, feel free to leave a comment and let me know who everyone is. (Note: I will monitor the comments religiously, so I only wanna see people play nice, now, okay? Got it? Thanks.)

Okay, here is the photos (457 photos total!):

(Edit: Added a note here to let you know that for every picture, if you click on the “All Sizes” button above the picture, you can view the picture at its full size, and do a right-click/save-as. That way, if you want to save any of the pictures for yourself, you can get it at full size.)

Enjoy, guys.

Damn man, nice stuff with the picutres.

The guy you labeled as Mixup is actually Reset.

great pics james! in the mvc2 pics, thats Reset, not Mixup lol

Nice ass pics! Two people already posted this but… what were you thinking labeling Nick as Mixup! Reset! LOL, over 400 fucking pics taken… damn that is crazy. Can’t wait for the pics of the next Evo tourney if you’re going to CT.

wow nice coverage of evo west!

and yeah, Rockefeller’s commentary is always funny shit.
what exactly did he say about peter yoon? :slight_smile:

Damn, I remembered it was a 5 letter name with the meaning of causing “blocking-hell” for other players. Mixup, Reset, same thing, right? lol! Both are actual nicknames of Marvel Players if I’m not mistaken, probably why I got confused.

If you’re reading this, sorry about that, Reset! I’ll fix it right now! Thanks guys, for pointing it out!

I’m only in a few of these pictures and I look fat in all of them. I should hit the exercise bike right now. Great job with the pics though James. High quality.

–Jay Snyder

i saw myself posing in every picture. except in one where james chen caught me unprepared in the MVC2 madness. Noooo!! hahaha

Edit : james, finesse’s real name is ken… like street fighter ken. =)

w00t!!! I’m in one of the pictures of EVOwest. Thanks J! You should also label that I was in there. Rodchan, (the ultimate n00b honda!) I was next to Graham with the guys that brought the Arcade cabinet…


Thanks for the props, James. If I show up early to EVO Main, you know I’ll get Reno Crew to help again.

Jay you dont look fat. ahahha

James Chen - I didn’t really get to meet you but i can tell right off the bat you were one hell of a nice guy, Thanks for all the photos and great blog. Your cammy was crazy in ST. Keep practicing and see you at evo vegas.

in the pic…

Combofiend vs. Charlie Nguyen.

its ACTUALLY Albert Nguyen aka Pigadoken

Nice blog, James. Evo West was a blast and it was fun helping set up TVs and consoles on Friday. :slight_smile:

BTW, you didn’t catch my name. I’m the other guy in this pic. Not a big deal, as you didn’t catch my name at all. It’s Scott Lockhart, so you can add that to the little add-on to the picture. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope to see you at Vegas!


…but your picture comments are much too nice

Awesome pictures, makes me wish I could’ve made it out this year.

very nice pictures!

He was basically making fun of him, telling him he needed practice on his Genei Jin combos. :rofl: Peter and I are pals and went to the event together. It was our first major event and he did amazingly well, even sending Ricky Ortiz to losers in the process :rock:. I just think the pressure from being in front of so many people got to him. No worries though, he’ll be back for vegas in the semi’s :smile: . I only made it to the semi-finals before being eliminated by gootecks 2-1 :sad: (I had it!). I’ll be in Vegas with Peter to try and do better this time around, though :bgrin:

Hey, Rodchan, feel free to comment on the photo itself, 'cause I have no clue which photo you’re referring to. ^^ Trying to go through 450+ photos again is never that fun. ^^ If you want, I can even delete your comment after I add your name in the picture.

And thanks for the props on the photos, guys. Glad everyone is enjoying them so much. And keep those name corrections coming, and if you want to be labeled as well, lemme know. I’ve taken care of all of the corrections pointed out to me already, and even managed to refer to Finesse as “Ken” from time to time now. :slight_smile: Thanks guys!

(And note my slight edit on the first post, giving instructions on how you can download the full size of each photo.)

  • James

Hey James, great pics. You guys totally ran an awesome event. If you need any help at Vegas for the runs don’t hesitate to ask me and my crew.

i see finesse and a few others rockin the glove,haha Its all good

glad that it helps.