My thoughts on Urien

[16:25] AfroCole: i like how yet another urien gets 2nd in KSK ranbat
[16:25] AfroCole: and nuki BARELY wins
[16:26] AfroCole: im telling u, Urien can beat chun li its 5.5/4.5 match
[16:27] EdmaEdmaEdma: ?
[16:27] EdmaEdmaEdma: oh you mean the latest ranbat?
[16:27] AfroCole: the one that came out yesterday
[16:27] EdmaEdmaEdma: haven’t seen it
[16:27] EdmaEdmaEdma: you got it?
[16:27] AfroCole: im getting it now
[16:28] EdmaEdmaEdma: urien can beat everyone, he jsut needs to land a down fierce with meter
[16:28] EdmaEdmaEdma: lol
[16:28] EdmaEdmaEdma: he’s a scrub character
[16:28] EdmaEdmaEdma: ken = mad skillz
[16:28] EdmaEdmaEdma: haven’t you seen my post
[16:30] AfroCole: yeah right mad skillz my ass
[16:30] AfroCole: how can such a technical character be scrub char lol
[16:30] EdmaEdmaEdma: urien = scruboolicious
[16:30] EdmaEdmaEdma: mash down fierce more please
[16:30] EdmaEdmaEdma: lol
[16:30] AfroCole: dont hate cause u cant parry out of aegis =)
[16:31] AfroCole: dude that shit is sick, im gonna test that out
[16:31] EdmaEdmaEdma: test what out?
[16:31] AfroCole: if u hit me with low short and try to dash in, im gonna mash low fierce
[16:31] EdmaEdmaEdma: dude
[16:31] EdmaEdmaEdma: when i play urien i mash down fierce too
[16:31] AfroCole: if u hit me with anything, ill mash low fierce
[16:31] EdmaEdmaEdma: are you kidding me
[16:31] EdmaEdmaEdma: i picked that up from urien players
[16:31] EdmaEdmaEdma: SCRUBADUBDUB
[16:32] AfroCole: urien likes to take advantage of random dash happy players lol
[16:34] EdmaEdmaEdma: urien takes advantage of broken coding, gg


Urien > All

Standing Fierce is the ultimate NO BUTTON!!!


i think urien is random. could go either way depending on who gets hit. urien gets rushed down kinda easy too, reversal headbutts and kneedropping the fuck out of here saves him.

but i like urien cuz he’s fun to play and he owns :smile:

alex owns harder though :wgrin:

do you even play 3S?

I think it’s pretty clear that Ed’s hatred from Urien stems from all the compiling errors he’s gotten over the years :wink:

But really, call me biased, but Urien has one move that leads to huge damage (d+fp), Ken has low short, low forward, standing strong, low strong, b+mk xx super. So by default, I think that makes Ken easier for a scrub to pick up than Urien. Of course all characters can be played at high levels, so the scrub factor is all in the player, not the character.

If Cole owns Ed Ma, and Ed Ma owns Cole, do they cancel each other out?

No. If Edma owns Cole & Cole owns edma, it will lead to a compile error.

Which will lead to the birth of Urien.

charge buffering, charge partitioning and unblockable set ups take skills to execute.

thus urien does not = scrub character.

You’re biased. Scrub. :looney:

Urien a scrub character? What about Chun? Mash 2 fucking buttons and you can win with chun.

yeah. its not guarenteed urien will get a hit on u every round.

Come to Evo & I’ll money match you. My Urien vs. your anything. If I land a hit on you, I automatically win that round.

so, by your logic, every character in 3S is random. lol, go back and play marvel…

not trying to flame you, but seriously, you make yourself sound like you know nothing about Urien, let alone 3S.

Urien = most definitely NOT random.

and btw, if a decent-good urien player DOESN’T get a c.HP off at least ONCE per round, then that doesn’t mean Urien is random or sucks, it just means the opponent is Jesus Christ.

that was just my opinion anyways. im just saying its hard for urien to getin his aegis traps/unblockables/combos in, and i mean REALLY hard on a good player. i still think urien is a really good character, just a lot harder to play for normal people. that leads to me saying urien is more random since there arent many things u can set up his damaging situations.

Urien is random.

urien nation 4 life

That’s exactly what I would have said. It’s not so much the low fierce as what you do afterwards and that shit isn’t as easy as it looks in videos.

Hey MutantXP, what happened to you playing Necro? does anyone in the US play Necro anymore?


Ken is fairly easy to play, just admit it. He has a dozen ways he can do damage. Ken is all link,link,link equals win. I bet I can teach my girlfriend how to play with ken.