My tin foil hat on MLG

Seeing how MLG Winter Championships is on the same weekend as NCR and how MLG Dallas(?) was on the same weekend as EVO 2011. If I was a betting man, I would bet that MLG Dallas for 2012 will occur again on this years EVO weekend. No date has been announced from MLG regarding Dallas yet, but I’m watching their announcements closely.

My tin foil hat says MLG is out to push out our scene.

If you notice that aside from NCR, none of the MLG events have overlap with almost all community events, you’d see you’re wrong. Also Sundance worked with the TOs to make sure this wouldn’t happen. After that nasty Tekken 6 stuff, they want to get back on the good side of the FGC. I would take that tinfoil hat off. You look ridiculous.

MLG is out to push out our scene, but I find it hard to believe they have the ability to purposely put their events on the same date as our events. They just don’t give a damn about the overlaps, and to be fair they do not possess the ability to give a damn about the overlaps. It’s not like they are running only fighting games, Starcraft and MOBA events occur throughout the year too. And it would be impossible for them to avoid clashes, despite whatever empty promises they make. That’s why the whole “we will all be stronger if we all come together” argument is stupid, bad things happen when people who don’t give a damn about your games become involve in your game’s community.

Actually their dates for their next three events are:

Winter Championship: March 23-25 (Columbus)
Spring Championship: June 8-10
Summer Championship: August 24-26
Fall Championship: November 2-4

The spring Championships are on ECT4, and the summer one is a day before Summer Jam.

However, MLG isn’t trying to overlap dates. They mainly want to avoid SC2 weekends first, there’s only certain weekends venues are avaliable, and MLG books their sites way in advance. Things like this happen. The final event of the year doesn’t have any overlap however, and two of the dates are on seperate sides of the country so it shouldn’t be that bad.

And of course don’t forget ATM only Columbus are set for fighting games, there’s no guarantee fighting games will appear for the rest of the season.