My TMNT:Turtles in Time Re-Shelled Review



Hey everybody. I just completed the game using Raph on Normal. Well, here are my words.

The HD Graphics are not only the changed thing, the gameplay is a bit tweaked also. It does not have that same SNES feeling, it’s kinda close but to me, it’s just not on par with the SNES Gameplay.

The audio is also remixed. Some songs sound great, others sound really off like the alley cat blues scene, which is the 1st stage.

I have not tested multiplayer, I beat the game single player, but I will get back to the Multiplayer later on this afternoon.

It’s deff. worth your 800 points. I only did it on Single Player, and I had some fun. I’m sure I will be way more pumped up when I play with 3 other players.



I know I posted this in the TMNT Thread, but just wanted to let people know this is more of a review. Sorry.


While I agree that this game can be fun and entertaining in its own right, it is nothing like the original game which inspired it. It reminds me more of the 2003 Turtles game series than the originals, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It just doesn’t play like an old 2d beatemup anymore.


Wait, so this isn’t a port of the arcade version, but a remake of the SNES version?


No it is a port of the arcade version. But its totally remixed and some things definately feel different (like the ability to attack in 4 directions instead of just left or right). Overall, still fun to play around with, especially with people who aren’t usually into videogames. I wish you could remap the buttons though so you could use an arcade stick…


Stuff I liked:

  • I’m really digging the new Alley Cat Blues. The remastered concept was very well done.
  • Graphics on the turtles and enemies look very good.
  • I like how every turtles has their 2003 VAs. It really does the game more justice.
  • 8-way attacking makes hovercraft stages much easier (Pizza monsters aren’t ridiculously hard now.)

Stuff I didn’t like:

  • Not a big fan of the new hit sounds. They sound like bugs getting squashed.

  • Some of the new animations I don’t like, but that’s due to the 3D environment (Slamming the foot on the ground looked cooler with one hand as opposed to two.)

  • Some stages (Neon Night Riders) weren’t remastered as well IMO. I was really looking forward to seeing the new NNR in this game, and I was disappointed to say the least. bland buildings, unexplained crumbled hover-roads, and no neon whatsoever.

  • With maybe a few exceptions, I must say the remastered soundtrack is pretty bland compared to the SNES and Arcade versions. I like the new Wounded knee country music feel, but it doesn’t compared to the original upbeat western version.

  • Wish they could have went with the SNES adaption (more bosses and an additional stage), but that’s just wishful thinking.

Other then that, and a few online gripes, the game is fun and I enjoy it.


overall is a good game, worth for 800 m$p, not for the original 1200 m$p.

Playing multiplayer with 3 other ppl is really fun, but can get very chaotic.


I went from completely hating this game, to enjoying it every now and then. The game’s alright for single player/offline play. I haven’t played with anyone online who hasn’t dropped during or after level one though :lol: I still don’t like the new music or the 8-way attacks all that much. Maybe some of my relatives whom I played through the snes game with, will like it.