My Toughest Matchup: Adon



Adon has been my main since SFA3. In SFA3 I faced one adon in every 300 matches, maybe…and even then the ISMs never matched up so there was plenty of variance…

In comes dream-come-true SSFIV, Adon felt very much like his old self with some of the normals. I’m at 7000+ bp and +/-3000 pp on xbox live, but always find that when i’m matched up against another adon, it’s a free for all mash fest where strategy and timing are out the window.

Any advice for matchups against other adons? I always try to jump and time the opponents jaguar tooth, but it’s a guess as to which side I end up on unless I jump backwards in the corner.


try asking in the strategies and match up thread next time. a few tips:

  1. neutral jump HK alot. it makes JK whiff and HK punishes it.
  2. punish roundhouse with roundhouse.
  3. if the other adon is using JT like a dumbass, punish it with HK RJ, FP and im pretty sure neutral jump HK punishes it as well.
  4. use u2.


I wouldnt really recomend n.j to counter JT as he normally ends up behind you and he can punish you. That normally happens to me anyway. The best punish if they are throwing out JT’s like a dumbass is to just jumpback fierce to crouching fierce imo.

Cant really say much as even though adon is my main he is one of my worst matchups. Like you said it just becomes a JK marathon.


I think nj.HK is still a good option to counter/trade with JK. In mirror matches in general, I recommend playing a slower paced game, let your opponent make the mistakes, be the more patient Adon. Play footsies. I think most Adons are quick to RJ on wakeup after a knockdown if you pressure them, i find.


Pretty much everyone i have ever fought against when i use adon is always expecting me to RJ on wakeup. It is never gona happen EVER!! or is it??


I agree with qwertyhero. It really does come down to patience in mirror matches. I’ve beaten 10,000 BP adons and I’ve lost to 800BP Adons all because the person who throws out the first careless move will be the one that loses (assuming proper punishing). Being as we know Adon’s moves i find it pretty easy to sit back and defend although timing those grabs is something of miracle but. I rarely ever try to RJ out off pressure because I know the frame traps I’ll usually just take it until I find a spot where I can and start my own pressure. Do what you have to do to bait that wakeup RJ: safejump, neutral safejump, hell stand over their body and do cr. lp until they wakeup… whatever it takes…lulz.



Pick U2.

If they’re JK happy, backdash or neutral jump to make it whiff. Heck, if you have good reactions, :hk:RJ. You should know how much JKs suck on whiff.

If they like to use JT, s.:hp:. Sometimes it’ll trade, but the deal is that you’re not committing too much to counter one move. If they :lk:JT all the time, do your own :hk:JT, or get in range and :lk:JK.

Adon’s safe jumps on other characters aren’t safe jumps on Adon.
Adon can go under Adon’s cross-ups with dash.
Adon’s nj.:hk: isn’t an instant overhead on Adon.

It will come down to footsies, patience, and finding out what your opponent is weak against. Does he never punish your JTs? Keep doing them. Does he always get hit by cross-ups? Go cross-up crazy. Is his offence crap? Lame it out.


LK jaguar tooth all day


also, forward dash to scape from Adons evil crossup pressure is pure gold!


no you can’t escape Adon’s okizeme with just forward dash unless he poorly times his crossup. If he gets untechable knockdown, and goes for the wakeup crossup properly…you should be forced to block. Of course thats if its done right, I have no idea why Adon would attempt a crossup without the knockdown.