My transition from SF4 series. What's your's like so far?



I picked up Cammy in Super. Only knew some extremely basic combos, did pretty well with just punishing and all that stuff. Now… That still KINDA works but I need to do more damage per punish, because even though I’m hitting the other guy a lot more then he hits me he does a combo!

I don’t need anything flashy, I SUCK at memorizing these combos and I KEEP CHAINING WHEN I WANNA LINK!

I also could not find another character to pick up on, so I picked up Ryu and I’m just punishing/fireballing with him too.

I need advice. Good thing I got that BradyGames guide coming in the mail.


Well, there are stickies for a reason. Any of those discussed you can practice to put into your game.


I read that. I cannot wait to get home and try it.

Edit: Hey, EX! Why’d you take down your advice?! I was gonna try that out!