My Ultimate Dream: someone re-writes mames netcode. Makes it as good as FBA. Ponder?

Man, it really irritates me to no end how Christophe made such a breakthrough program like Kaillera, and then abandoned it a couple years later. Since then several people such as “The Fucking Rabbit” have tackled the program making tweaks and subtle improvements and whatnot, but none of them match up to the brilliant GGPO client.

I sooo wish someone like Christophe or “The Fucking Rabbit” came back and re-wrote the entire netplay code within mame to make it as good as Final Burn Alpha, and add it to the latest version. This way, Ponder could use mame for GGPO instead of FBA. Don’t get me wrong…FBA is an insanely fantastic emu…but it doesn’t have nowhere NEAR the amount of games as mame. We’re talking over 8000 games in mame at this point!!! Simply crazy! Imagine if someone re-wrote a brand new mame netcode, and then Ponder came along and tweaked it for GGPO, implementing his famous rollback system. Then one day you’d open up the GGPO to find hundreds of thousands of games supported…games that are classics but are unavailable in FBA*(and likely to be for a very long time to come)* such as Violent Storm, Killer Instinct, NBA Jam, MK II, UMK3, Tekken 2, etc. This would be so awesome.

Christophe, TFR, or anyone else familiar with mame’s netcode…if you’re reading this, please come to work on mame to re-write a new netplay client, so that maybe someday Ponder will use it for GGPO. Kaillera is simply not cutting it anymore, and I bet Ponder refuses to touch it because of how shitty it is. I would donate a handsome fee if anyone were to make this happen. sigh Well, one can dream…

Ponder if you’re reading this, would it be possible for YOU to get into mame’s source code and write a new netcode for it? One that is as effective as GGPO? What would it take to motivate you to do it bro?

1.MAME doesn’t have a netcode.
2.Fucking rabbit only made a MAME build with kaillera support, something any idiot with some programing knowledge could have done.

Greetings Master Bigode how are you and thank you for your reply. OK, question…what exactly do you mean it doesn’t have a netcode? Can you expand a bit on this? If it doesn’t have a netcode, then what is Kaillera?

Also, is it true you know Christophe personally? If so, can you perhaps persuade him to come out of hiding and write a new netcode for MAME? I’d appreciate it bro and thanks :slight_smile:

The original source code doesn’t have a single line of what I would call netcode, what enables you to play online is the kaillera client.
That’s what needs to get rewritten.

No, I don’t know him personally and I have no idea what the hell happened with that guy.

I honestly wouldnt mind kaillera with ggpo netcode. That way I could get some umk3 games in :smiley:

Ahhh I see. Well thanks for the clarification ma nigga :slight_smile:

isamu you have to understand:

  1. GGPO development is halted, Ponder doesn’t have time or motivation to continue working on it, since he got what he initially wanted: proving his netcode’s worth.

he also has to support the traffic costs for the GGPO server (which is pretty significant).

  1. MAME devs don’t like online play
    MAME devs don’t like optimized games.
    MAME devs don’t like/play the games they emulate.

they’re just nerds with a very specific hobby.

no amount of whining will change anything sadly… unless you have a StarCraft2 Beta key which Ponder offered to trade with 4 player support in Marvel vs Capcom1 :smiley:

too bad no one very passionate about these games has any coding skills to take things further.

i’m really disappointed by the snail progress in Naomi emulators, most of them don’t have basic features like GUI or 2 players support.

I most definitely concur. Embedded systems emulation programming skills and gaming skills are inversely proportional. Those nerds only get ecstasy from licking dust on their keyboard.

That is why I said it is only a dream. Some dreams cum trew, and some don’t, sadly :frowning:

Alright listen up…



Seriously…fuck all this free shit. The reason Ponder, that you have not been motivated to improve GGPO is because it’s free and hardly anyone has donated, so you’re like fuck it…let it rot…RIGHT??? We’ll I don’t blame you homie. The solution is to start charging a subscription for using GGPO. Something like 10$-15$/month would suffice. That way, you can continue paying for the servers and add all the games in Final Burn Alpha’s roster!

I bet every last one of these niggas that are mooching off GGPO, particularly all the cats in the KOF98 room, would not hesitate one bit to agree to a subscription based service. Those guys are hooked…HOOKED on KOF!!! You could probably charge 100$/month and they’d STILL pay that shit.

So cum on dawg…charge a sub for GGPO and then add all the games available in FBA. I am PERSONALLY willing to donate $200 for you to add the remaining FBA games. No that is not a joke! I just want to be able to play all the quirky 2-player co-op games like Metamorphic force and Ninja Baseball Batman online with no lag.

Please consider my suggestion Ponder…I honestly think this is right course of action to take bro.

that’s not gonna happen.

he needs a commercial deal or at least permission in some form from all those companies… otherwise he gets cease and desist and game over.

Seriously, what are you, 12? He can’t charge for anything as he’s not entitled to any of those games. KoF is owned by SNK, and other games by their respective companies. If he ever charges, he’ll be forced to take all of it down and/or get sued. Yes, money talks, but only to a certain extent.

Even if capcom and those other companies allowed ponder to charge for the games, requiring people to pay for those games on ggpo would have devestatting effects on ggpo’s preferability. That sort of thing only works on perfectly monopolistic markets.

Do you honestly think he’d get a cease and desist order? I seriously doubt it.

Seeing as he would be making money off of Capcom and SNK’s stuff, yes, I do believe he would.

And besides, as 0746 said, making people pay would drive them off. In case you didn’t notice 90% of KoF98 is from China where many people barely make $100 a month.

lol, i just want naomi + online ^_^.

How hard would it be to put non-FBA games on ggpo? I’ve heard it’s easy and I’ve heard it isn’t. I want Killer Instinct and UMK 3.

ugh… Yeah Dood plz plz, close this thread.

He would have to use a different emulator altogether. And for KI and UMK3 he may as well use mame. Final Burn Alpha as an emulator is fantastic, but with a limted number of games it loses its appeal when compared to mame, which supports over 100 times as many games. Someone said earlier that Ponder incorporates his own netcode within the GGPO client, and then incorporates that into FBA. Would it be so hard to incorporate or adapt it to mame? We’ll have to wait and see.

But what I can tell you is that right now would be the PERFECT time for Ponder to start implementing GGPO netcode into mame. Because the amount of progress being made for Naomi has been way faster than I initially thought! MvC2 and now some Atomiswave games like Blue Dolphin are running(albeit slowly)!!! It would behoove you Naomi/Atomiswave whores to make contact with Ponder and advise him on the situation with Mame.

I guarantee even those Asian KOF players would start playing more than just KOF once they have access to the myriad and plethora of games to play online via MAME.

I mean think about it…The amount of games in mame is staggering!!! Classics such as:

2)Ms. Pac-man
3)Root Beer Tapper
4)Paper Boy
6)Space Invaders
10)Dig Dug
11)Pole Position
12)Mr Do!
14)Bust A Move
15)Donkey Kong Jr
16)Kung Fu
17)Black Belt
19)Turbo Outrun
20)Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

…I mean seriously…are there ANY other 30-something yr olds in this forum that still love playing these 80’s classics? How ridiculously awesome would it be to be able to play these games online with great netcode? And to think that one man, Ponder, can make it all happen. Cum on P-diddy you can do it man. Just add GGPO to mame and we’d all be in your debt eternally! :bgrin:

god, you are one massive troll who just doesn’t know when to stop. Everything you’re asking is just pretty unreasonable and no, nobody else likes playing most of those classics.


This is a fighting game community. Here we are interested in better online gaming for fighting games, not these 1980s one player games. This dream of yours isn’t going to happen. Until you understand the discrepancies between Kaillera, Mame and GGPO, you will not realize that.

FBA/GGPO was built for better input reads in fighting games like1 frame reversal windows and hit confirms into supers. Not for crossing the street in Frogger or switching directions in Pac-Man without delay or lag. Whats awesome is that you can even play these classics online at all and for free. You should be grateful for that alone.

However, If you’re really that bent on playing these classics with a better netcode, you should try Its not free, but the netcode that you’re asking for may be better. They might even have a community there into these classic games.