My UMVC3 Tutorials - Screen freeze step by step tutorials

I’ve been doing this since about the time Vanilla came out but I had no capture card so I laid low for a while. Been a few months in and finally got a HDPVR to record some stuff. I’m going to be pumping out some more tutorial videos and break them step by step with the screen freezing like I’ve been doing. The people that seen it like it since it breaks step by step. This is aimed more for beginners, but its alright for experienced players to see as well.

I don’t really see people doing it the way I do and have had people tell me the way I do it really helps. Just want to get these tutorials out to get beginners or even players that know how to play already and get some insight on timing and what not. I might not have much content right now but I’m going to be uploading a video a day for these starting times. It will consist of team BnB’s/tech and whatever else I want you to know about the team. Check them out even if you know the combos/tech. Thanks a ton.

*I will be covering lots of various teams so hopefully there won’t be any reused content or anything.
Not trying to be a troll or anything, I just want to help out the community whether you’re playing in tournaments or just learning and playing at home.