My under $50 Stick build

With this new SF4 market and prices of sticks and parts skyrocketing i wanted to make a usable stick for as cheap as possible. Now i’m not gonna go through the whole build process because it was pretty basic and straight forward. Just look at slagcoin and thats what i did. I’m gonna post all my out of pocket expenses to demonstrate that it is possible to build a decent stick for super cheap. This is also my first stick so mind the poor craftsmanship.

Factors not included:
Power tools, obviously if you’re gonna build a custom stick might as well be equipped. Almost everything i used was already available.
Price of wood, i had quite a lot laying around, but it wasn’t expensive. It’ll add at most an additional $10.
Various tools and bits laying around the garage.

3/8" Particle board, free ($5 for 2’x4’ at home depot)
1/2"x3’ 1/2"x 4’ poplar board, free($2 plank at home depot)
1/8"x12"x9" poplar sheet, free ($4 at Blicks)
Gorilla wood glue, free ($6 at home depot)
Dupilcolor Flat Black spray paint, free ($5 at home depot)
12"x9" sheet of plexi, $4 at Blicks
iL eurojoystick, $10 from LL
6 Happ Comp buttons, $11 from LL
2 Sanwa OBSF-24, $5 from LL
8 1/2"x 11" laserjet print, $.50 school tech lab
22 Gauge wire, $2 at Fry’s
16 pack .187 QD’s, $3 at Fry’s
PSX Digital pad, $5 at Play N Trade

Out of pocket expenses ~ $48
Possible costs ~ $60

Front panel with red buttons hasn’t dried yet and been fitted yet, but still uses the same materials.

overall still very cheap for making a stick

Not bad bud. You ever cut your hand on the front? yikes.

lol, yea the jagged wood is a bit nasty looking. I’m gonna recut a new top panel sometime soon.

Look for a piece of t-molding you can stick across there, cover up that edge with no problem. I love sticks like this, great work.

Now just be on the lookout for 100 people asking you to make them one :rofl:

The only thing that makes it kind of annoying is that I simply can’t get buttons for the life of me, with places like LL being closed until April and all. Been waiting since last month, you know?

Awesome stick though, it’s ugly, sure, but you know, it’s your little baby that took time and effort for you to nurture and love into birth.

Ok that sounded sorta weird.

But you know what I mean.

Yea, I made a 360 stick and my out of pocket cost was the LL parts, a busted controller and $7 in wood. They can be made cheaply, mine cost me just a little more than yours.

ugly, sort of, but looks efficient and useful. i would have covered the joints with wood glue or something and sanded down. everything else looks good to me. for ~$40-50 you can’t beat that though.

Yeah the joins are pretty lulzfull, like something I’d do in Woodshop I back in highschool when I couldn’t make a joint for the life of me. Still though, it sort of adds to the quality of it in a sense, such a good “home made” feel.

Not bad for a first attempt the front needs some work. Also I did not see ps3 adapter included on the list how much was that?

Nice one! inspires me to make a budget stick like yours! I already have a common ground xbox 360 pcb, just need joystick, buttons, and housing.

not bad its not even that ugly… but the front does need some spiffing up :slight_smile:

Good stuff, man. I’m impressed by that resourcefulness.

Just goes to show how you can make stuff go a long way if you’re willing to put the time into it.

That’s true dedication.

Oh yea back when i first got my ps3 i bought about 3 different adapters, they’re all sitting around in a box.

The one pictured is a $10 radioshack one.

Thanks for all the comments everyone, just trying get the word out there you don’t need $$$ to have fighting fun.

Now that i think about it i would really like to do a whole new housing using MDF, the inside of the box looks worse than pictures could convey.