My Very First Arcade Stick Build / Manufacture

**** I can have these mass produced if there is enough interest ****
Just post in this thread and let me know if you are.

Thought I’d share with the community on my very first manufactured case.

Some Specs about this case:

**Weight Case Only: **8.5 lbs It is heavy enough to not slip out of your lap or move away from you if you are playing on the table.

Dimensions: 10?W x 14?L x 3.5?H

# of Top Buttons: 6 or 8

Type of Button Layout: US or Japanese Only

**Case Color: **White, Black, or Clear

Material Type: Plastic / Acrylic

Designed & manufactured with the ability to put your own custom graphic in.

Assembly is really easy and fool proof.
Top Plate
Bottom Plate
Left Side
Right Side
Top Side
Bottom Side
(10) ? Flat Head Phillips Screws (Bottom Plate)
(10) ? ? Flat Head Phillips Screws (Top Plate)
(4) ? 1? Flat Head Phillips Screws (Happ Joystick)
(4) ? Screw Nuts (Happ Joystick)

Look at the pictures

  • Parts

  • Top Plate 6 Button / HAPP / US

  • Bottom Plate

  • Top Side

  • Bottom Side

? Left Side

  • Right Side
    Assembling is like connecting to Lego pieces together:

  • (Put the Top plate on and then put the ? screws into the holes. Make sure to not overtighten)
    End Result:

All screws are flush mounted. Notice the step Bezel & the subtle design of the case.

Photo Album

That is cool-looking clear stuff! :tup:
Looks fun to put Case together. :lovin:

It looks killer, but out of curiosity did you order the cut acrylic or did you cut it yourself? It looks really really clean!

Very original, looks sweet. You’ll have to do a sexy wiring job though with everything being on display!

i ordered the material and then put it into the CNC machine to have it manufactured, then assembled the peices together.

thanks for the comment much appreciated by the way.

Yea about the wiring your right. I’m going to build another box and make it all black except fo rteh top that way I can insert whatevever graphic i want.

Looks very clean. Very nice job! :tup: How much did that cost you and where can i get a box manufactured like that?

I would not mind getting one of these from you.
Slimmer version for Japanese of course.

Also curious how much this cost you.

I might start manufacturing a whole bunch and just sell it off. I can make some if there is enough interest.

When you say slimmer do you mean in regards to height? or all around dimension?

I thought that the only difference between Japanese vs US was the button layout.

These would be even cooler if they were made to fit Japanese snap-in buttons. Very Cool! :smile:

Material is what killed me for this project since I had to redo 2-3 times just because i didn;t like the way how it came out after being machined.

In regards to time and labor that was just my own.

Total project cost - roughly $105.

You mean the sanwa/seimitsu buttons? I might look into it if there is enough difference.

If I did not have an arcade stick already on order, I would be interested in getting one of these, with Japanese parts. Great job - looks very slick.

My only concern would be long term durability. As thick as the acrylic is, I still fear for cracking. I am not saying that your stick is not strong - I am no engineer - and may be talking completely out of my ass and could be wrong …

Then there is the issue of scratches and scuff marks accumulating over time.

If you make it Japanese style you can make the case like half as tall. The top panel would have to be much thinner though and may need to be metal or have some supports.

Yea thinking about it again, you maybe right. I think i’ll end up making another one but solid black except for the top so that I can insert the art.

Thanks all, I might manufacture japanese one after all. Need to buy parts then…

For the JLF joysticks, the mounting is all the same right?

Sanwa/Seimitsu buttons are the same too?


Yes, slimmer as in height.
A maximum of 2.5 inches is enough to clear Sanwa/Seimitsu Joystick and Buttons.
Can even go with height of 1.75" and still fit.

Regarding the Top Panel.
It would have to be at least 8mm or less to fit Japanese Screw-in.
Can be done by routing.

Snap-in Buttons would have to be mounted on Panel of maximum 4mm thick.
I don’t know if that thin of a Panel can withstand the beating. :sad:

If you painted the insides of this case it would look very nice too I bet. And please consider looking into Japanese buttons and layouts.

Thanks. I’ll go and order some parts. anybody have any recommendations as to where i can go and get some right now?