My very first photoshop, hori ex2 template

I have a hori ex2 coming in the mail and just to hold me over I’ve been messing around with templates seeing what I could come up with. Please note that I am not creative or artistic at all so this may look like complete shit to you but it looks pretty nice to me lol.

Anyway, as a Bruce Lee fan I am also a fan of Fei Long and there’s hardly any good art for him…

Besides the obvious issue of Fei covering up the stick and first two button slots, I’d say it’s not half bad for a first attempt.

Ya I’m aware of that but with transparent buttons it’d have the same look so i just kept it in there. Thanks

Like you said, it doesn’t look very good (to me). It’s just not very creative or technical.

In the end it does not matter what anyone else thinks as long as you like it yourself.