My Very First Request

whats up everybody im new to this so heres my first requst if its cool?:cool: can someone make me a av of this picture below,i want the av to look identinal to the picture but i wanted some movement in it and also can you have my name in the corner with some flashing in it.If its possible can someone do my requst i would really apprecaite it alot:cool: hope its no trouble:cool: :cool: :cool: oh yea ill make sure to put the person name at the quote to tell who made my av.:cool:

Here you go… and i don’t know of any way to put flashing or movement in it so i didn’t put anything like that in it but i think it looks good… hope you like it.:smiley:

thanks but…

thanks good job but dont mean to sound buggy but i really want the whole picture of every thing in it i just want it stunk into a av:D can you do that for me:cool: if you cant can somebody esle do it like that with some movement in it:cool: To Red Queen i still apreciate you going out your way to do the av,cool of you:cool:

There is not way movement can be added to this picture… and this is it the full picture but in av size…

thanks again for the av :cool:

Welcome…:smiley: and i’m sorry if i sounded rude before cuz i wasn’t trying to be…:slight_smile:

animation can be added to the pic but the full size of the pic will never fit in sho’s dimentions.

Red - might want to look into gif animator or image ready… they are 2 good progs for animation.

I’ll do that thanks.:slight_smile:

dude are u using liek paint or something… your just adding text…

and just resizing pictures with some copy and pasting

No… it takes me a long time to make an av but the program i’m useing is so shity… i’ll be buying a new one soon tho… (thank god)