My Vote For A3

I Want Alpha 3 To Be Back To The Evo

Hope It Gets There :clap:

Me too! Betta not have any other game added besides A3!

Ignoring how A3 got jacked in the Evo trailer, I agree. More A3 means less crime and raises for everyone. If you don’t vote A3…well. I’m just saying, I heard you’ve been doing things. Gay things. If you get what I’m saying.

In the ass.

A3 for president !!


A3 should definately be there. Can we ban people who only knows how to play A-ism? They’re usually the combo exhibition for V-ism players. :slight_smile:

I vote for A3

A3 A3 A3!!!

I vote for A3.

I vote for A3 too.

Anyone Else?

I Hope To See Some Japaneese Players This Year Again

BAS Is Just Imvincible There As What It Seems

A3! One of the best Street Fighters ever. It’d be a shame if it wasn’t included again. Bring life to the only SF series that some feel Evo destroyed!!! Those debates we fun to read:D

And we cant ban Aism Neoken! I want to see Apoc run over Daigo!


I hope they can run this on superguns.

i dunno why a3 was even mentioned because

a) they made it clear there won’t be any arcade cabinets or superguns, console only

b) they made it clear they hate DC because of the blue box

so what is a3 gonna be run on?

i reckon they’ll use the GBA version :D, (laughs behind hand.)

So it will either be on Arcade cabs, superguns, or (I’m guessing) an emulator running on a modded Xbox.

PS1 or saturn. A3 FOR EVO!!!

If a modified Xbox is acceptable (and I couldn’t find that quote on the updated Evo site), then it gets my vote, as it would be, basically, the arcade version of the game. Second to that, I’d have to vote PSX (convenience), and then Saturn in that order. Saturn is the better port, but copies of PSX A3 are too easy to find, and there will be PS2s everywhere.

Edit: thx, didn’t see that.

The quote I posted (as well as all of the rules for evo) are at

Street Fighter Alpha 3

* Game version: US Arcade/Supergun/XBOX-E

* Game Settings: 2/3 Games, 2/3 Rounds, Round Time 99 Seconds 

Does xbox-e mean emulated on the xbox?