My Way Entertainment thread (Juggernaut Bitch guys)

I’m pretty sure i don’t have to explain who these guys are since they’re probably still quoted around here every so often. For those not in the know, they’re back on youtube.

but don’t go to their youtube account expecting to see their parodies cause i’m sure Goo…err Youtube will be a bitch and kick em off…But they’ll be posting other stuff here…their parodies they’ll post on the main site

So I’ll probably post up most of their parodies in the next post I make for people who don’t feel like navigating the site but i’m gonna kick it off with the video project they tried to put into a contest.


and as always…lol at Randy being a fool

Juggernaut Bitch series:

J1: Juggernaut Bitch FX edition

(sounds like they added in some sound effects…still classic)

J2: Juggment Day

J3: Shadow of the Colossi


Street Fighter X:

Kill Vega 1:

Kill Vega 2:

Power Rangers: Gangsta Crizzab:

Power Rangers: Dennis Frogman

Power Rangers: Ape Vigoda (most recent)

V for Vocabulary:


Naruto: Konoha’s Green Pimp:

Ghostbusters: Shaqsquatch:

Spiderman: Fellowship of the Lube:

Spiderman: Revisited:

I’ll try to keep up to date with the site if a new parody pops up i’ll post it in this thread

Jive Turkey’s Dr. O’s:

I found this to be hilarious

they is played out.

eh…I da know about that…I will admit that they seem to have lost their edge a bit but they haven’t made a new parody in awhile and I actually like the video stuff that they do considering I’ve had to do similiar things for my video art classes.

My Way’s Transformers pt 1:

no where near as funny as the juggernaut IMO…but i still got a few chuckles out…particualarly at soundwave and a megatron

These guys are great! Thanks for the thread sonic, I remember seeing the Juggernaut episode a long time ago but didn’t know about the other videos. I like the immature sense of humor :slight_smile:

My Way’s Transformer’s part 2 Prime Time:

‘Put a quarter in your ass cause you played ya self!’

It’s been awhile hasn’t it? Dunno if you guys will find it funny or not but I said I’d keep it up to date if another parody was posted up…sooooo

My Way Power Rangers 3 - Ape Vigoda:

it’s pretty long too…17 min