My wedding cake concept art

Ok, this isn’t to scale…this is just sort of a concept to give the cake designers.

You should know our wedding is the week before Halloween, we are both artistic, both musical, and though we have all the traditions, our wedding is going to be very non traditional.

We have a broadway and movie theme, and will have playbills with all announcements, and a song listing and lyrics to our first dance song and all the other songs used. We have one of my ushers breaking out an electric guitar to play Canon in D (you tube “canon rock” to see what he’ll be doing) as our recessional.

We have a live pianist, and the whole thing is taking place in the Roger Williams Casino. (beautiful place) look here!

So this is the cake…i theory. (we tried to get on ace of cakes but they were full :frowning:

would the moon be a cookie or a huge cake ball of some sort?

That’d be one bombass cake.

Wow that cake is power cool!

Your wedding looks like it’s gonna rock. Another one to add to the married club :slight_smile:

seriously. that cake would be too beautiful to touch…

and congrats dude… again… if anybody has or hasn’t said anything… @.@

hahaha. awesome. first time I heard of anyone preparing concept art for their wedding cake :slight_smile:

and congrats btw :slight_smile:

Rocks gonna be little bumps of cream or jelly beans or something else?

Cool cake. Congrats on your marriage.

Congrats and nice cake! I’d love to see the real one once it’s made.