My wireless 360 coffee table arcade stick_Oh and greetings! I'm new!

It’s all wireless. I was wondering why companies don’t make wireless sticks. Does any one know why? Is there potential lag with a wireless vs a wired one?. I also got one of those USB sync devices for my computer for 10 bucks on ebay. And it fired right up so I was jammin’ on MAME as well. Pretty excited about that. Top down shooters are awesome to play with that thing. But I mainly did it for SFIIHDR and SFIV for the 360 of course.

I plan on posting updated pics soon. It’s look way different now. It has another joystick set on the other side now for MK. I loved those series. I just flip the table around when I want to play some MK. All the wires are daisy chained so all the buttons are active. There is no switch needed. I’ll post pics soon if I’m not making sense.

good stuff man, i gotta try one of those myself. rep ++

Thanks for the info. I’m on it as soon as I get off of work.

Wow man. That’s fantastic.

And as they said…with X-Arcade parts? Can’t wait to see how you like the iL stick and Happ comp buttons.

wai what?

those are xarcade parts??

anyways, companies dont make wireless controller mainly because of licensing issues and stuff like that. Its why the madcatz 360 pad is wired compared to the wireless one of the PS3

Btw nice job with it. Looks fantastic

Great Work.

I wish someone actually offer to sell coffee table arcade sticks.

Best thing to happen to the coffee table since The Coffee Table Book :stuck_out_tongue:

Sick job man.

lol i can see you talking shit on xbl now… “NIGGA I JUST FUCKING DOUBLE PERFECTED YOU WITH A COFFEE TABLE”

no really that shit is good. just one thing is i recommend switching your stick over to an IL eurostick. its like 1000x better than what you have in there now. also if those buttons are IL i would switch them also.

also a nice setup

that probably cost somewhere in the… 2-3grand range.

beyond badass.

I have only dreamed of creating such a thing.

damn thats tight man, i think ill have to make one of those myself.

My word. That is fucking amazing. The coffee table build is wicked sick as well.

wow the coffee table is awesome.

The “handmade arcade cabinet” otoh was pretty bad, haha. Why buy two HRAPs just to stick them into a cab like that? Could have just bought parts.

Yeah, as a big fan of classic “cocktail” games (You know…an arcade game that is setup like a table with a glass top, designed for the players to sit at)…this is a really really cool idea.

Crazy awesome mod, i really need to do something like that myself with some household furniture thats gone bad, a great revival idea!