My Wonder-filled Av Request


Can someone please make me an av with Beyonce in it?
I jus want you to do whatever you want with a Beyonce pic and add my name…(no pics that have her wit tha big-ass hair, somethin like what i have in my current av)

Somethin like this…(but prolly not this pic, cuz her face look diff to me in this pic, but whatever anyone wants to do!)

Whoever does this, could you make me 2? One that says “UltimateStrider” and one that says “Koopsta”? (Everythang tha same, jus different names)

And if you could, add a lil weed leaf by tha names…

Thanx in advance:D


hows this…


They ain’t show up, all I see is red x’s…Could you plz pm them to me?

Ha, I cain’t say ***age